Small space that Lives Large : A Cloth Closet System

A while ago I shared our daughter's room. One thing that I didn't add to that narration was the small closet. We have a great working system for our toy storage about which I shared here. I have taken the same, simple, easy to follow and clear to everyone system for her clothes and nick knacks too. Apparently though just four, girls come with lot of stuff.

We have two closets in the room. One I turned into a Hide-Out. Remember this post? Her clothes, most are stored in the second one. It is the same size as the first, though has two shelving racks at two heights. Great for kid's rooms. Hanging rods at two heights, is apparently great for any cloth closet, you get additional space under those small blouses, skirts hanging on the upper one, which otherwise is wasted.

Anyways, here we go.

There are two racks and hanging rods attached to them. They are ClosetMaid shelving units which came with the house. On the top Rack we hang the frocks and heavy Jackets for winter along with the skirts. (Sorry for the poor snaps, in my defense, those corners are difficult to capture)

On the top rack are two baskets with the extra bed sheets and linen that include the Hand towels, Beach Stuff etc. Though the baskets are inexpensive ones from target, I have gone that extra mile to label them. Especially with things on the upper shelf, it is better to know what is in them given my height which is not much. I have our out of season stuff like X'Mas decorations also tucked away in the far end corner.

The second shelf holds baskets for "To-Donate" and also her regular leggings, swim wear and a box for keepsakes.

One another thing this shelf does is to hold the jewelry holders. The pink box has ear rings, anklets and nicer hair clips etc. I found both the hand sculpture and the box from Michaels.

There is a line of command hooks on the side wall for hanging the necklaces.

The bottom shelf has the second hanging rod which is where we have space for her T-Shirts and tops. I used to fold them during her vacation time, but when school year started rummaging through the tops every morning turned out to be a struggle. This works better since I can see what is available (I mean not in wash) and also she can help pick out the clothes to wear. This freedom for her to choose does pose challenges some mornings, but I do enjoy those power struggles.

There is a basket for her stuffed toys, and two other white boxes that holds winter jackets, blankets etc.

The rest of her clothes are stored in the dresser that is on the opposite wall. The top drawer holds the jeans and pants and also hats, mittens and sweaters. The second one has the home wear, pajamas, socks, inner wear etc.

To keep me motivated to clean and organize the drawers, I have gone that extra mile to have pretty shelf liners inside. Really, shelf liners are not only for that extra protection, they are good motivators too.

The hooks over the door and along the wall allows us to hang coats and clothes and even bath towels.

Hm... That's it - a small system that keeps us sane on busy mornings and cheerful evenings. What about you? What are your tricks to keep your sanity intact with kid's clothes and stuff?

Happy Organizing,


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