Non Traditional Tree with Photo Prints.

This was originally conceived and executed for a feature for Malayali Magazine. This one was for December edition and we needed something in X'Mas theme. Since the traditional tree and ornaments and their all imaginable varieties are playing all around us, I thought I would skip it and do something non-traditional. Thus was my photo print tree born.This one is not only non-traditional but also can last through seasons and festivals yet bring back beautiful memories every time you look at it.

It is simple to make. You would need :

1. Photos printed in 4*4 or 3*3 grids ( Basically wallet sized or smaller pictures ). I created a photo collage with  and printed them out in our home printer in A4 sized paper. Then I cut them out in circles.

2. Cork tiles in circle shape. I bought a bunch of them after the Halloween clearance from Michaels. If you don't have it, cutting down packing card board boxes or shoe boxes would do the trick.

3. Mod Podge

4. Washi Tape or marker to mark border of the tree.

5. Branches from backyard for stems.

6. Scotch Glue Dots. 

How- To :

This is simple and kid friendly craft. First you decide on the size of the tree you need to create and number of photo circles you would need to make it. I have done 8 Circles for the bottom grid and reduced one each for the next layer, working from bottom of the tree to top until I had exactly one at the top. I had to have 36 tiles for my tree of reasonable size.

Once I arranged this roughly on the floor, I cut down the photos and glued them on to the cork tiles. I gave a thin layer of mod podge treatment for added sheen and protection.

This is most of the work you have.  To make the tree itself, I marked a small line to hold 8 corks for the bottom line. You can use yarn or tape to mark of straight lines. I chose the scotch glue dots for getting the tiles on the wall. The glue dots are re-usable and they don't leave a mark. This also helps if you need re-arranging.

Once the tree was done, I used the washi tape ( They can be pricey, especially if you look for patterned designs.I grab them when ever I have 50% off coupons for Michales) had in hand to mark the borders and glued the branches for stem.

That's it, your memory tree is ready. So print out some of your favorite moments of the year and make one. I am sure it will bring a smile on your face every time you look at them.

How did my tree fit in grand scheme of things ? That is the whole feature in December Edition of Malayali Magazine and some more.

Hope all of you are doing great.
Keep Smiling,

DIY : Winter In a Wine Glass

Hey All welcome back to This Design Journal,

I didn't do much of holiday decorations at home this year. Mainly because we are taking a vacation back home in India and around the rural world that is here, seasonal decorating isn't a big thing. Rather most of the home decorating/designs here are permanent fixtures, once done is done kind.More on that later.

Today's matter of interest is one of the very few crafts we (me & my little one) did before leaving, with a wine glass that was lying around here. The supplies are very basic and the craft itself is low profile but a nice and interesting scene.

First we gathered the supplies from backyard. After cleaning the glass nicely, we first filled it with a layer of soil and then mixed some snow flakes.

Next we glued on some leaves on the glass and  ( because that is the color in vogue! this season ) and placed some painted acorns randomly in the glass along with small twigs. I had some left over glitter paper which I folded in the shape of cone and stuck it on a small twig to make a fake tree. We had a small bird ornament from last year's X'Mas tree, so added that in the mix. Reindeer, Santa, Snow man or any other animal figurine would have done wonders here. I just used what I had in hand.

The LED lamp was actually an after- thought. I just felt it lacked some bling in the night so used a small LED candle to make it stand out on the shelf.

That's it. A snowy winter captured in a wine glass.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful time.We are already home in India and settling down.

See you soon with something new next time.

Take Care,