Fall for these Fallen Leaves

I believe with all my heart that autumn is the season when nature looks and feels the best. This fall season, autumn-2014 is especially close to my heart for many reasons. This fall is also the season where I have taken conscious walks around the neighborhood, sometimes with my little girl for the pleasure of it and sometimes, to beg, borrow or steal flowers and leaves.

I had decided to get some leaves to dry between the pages of my journal ( the real one, not the digital version) as souvenirs of the season even though collecting stuff is really my little girl's thing (she collects anything - leaves, rocks, feathers, branches, paper pieces, wraps - anything by road side and pavements are for her "collection". I thought I will save up to show her when she grows up.

But the other day when we walked around after school and came home with a bunch of leaves, she directly went to the fridge to put up some leaves on it with magnets. That made me think, why not frame them and keep for a few days before I move them to my book. They will make her happy and also adds a bit of fall "charm".

I had those frames for some years now, they are from target clearance. They are kind of floating frames, in the sense that, they didn't come with a mat, instead art is supposed to be sandwiched b/w two glass pieces. But this will work perfectly fine with an ordinary frame too and instead of leaves you can use flowers or feathers there.

The leaves are already drying but I kind of like the organic vibe they have while drying.

Wanna see the beautiful scene we walk through every day? here we go.

Front yard of Akshara's School

Only down side is this is the fag end of fall - most of the leaves have fallen and the rest will go away in a few days - another windy day or an un-called rain - they all will be gone and the long wait for the spring will begin. I am hoping these pictures will keep them alive at the least in our minds, for I love fall, I love it the most among all other seasons.

Have you ever fallen for the nature's beauty like us? How do you savor the seasons and memories?

I am hoping you had a wonderful weekend and all geared up for a great week ahead.

Stay blessed,