After the Break - A Wreath of Flowers

It has been a while since I have been away from this space. It was supposed to be a short vacation which took an unexpected turn and prolonged. What was I doing all this while? Hm.. That is a long story which needs justice. Anyways, today I have a simple DIY wreath that we made here.

This is the first time I am making a wreath to hang on our front door. I usually skip big time seasonal decorating, mostly because these things have to be changed every 3 months - I mean you are forced to change because otherwise you are a homemaker just too lazy in your own eyes and of your neighbors. But it is spring break here in Virginia and since the weather is not so good outside I am entertaining a over enthusiastic child with a variety of crafts and paints which she thinks she is helping. If you are a mother and crafter, you know what I mean.

So here is a simple wreath we made for Spring with stuff that I found in my craft closet. You will find a few old dollar store artificial flowers thrown in the mix which I didn't plan to add but I had to because the little one forced my hand.

So here are the supplies.

Supplies :
  • Grapevine Wreath ( This was from Target Dollar Spot a while ago)
  • Ribbons ( Collected over time, but I am sure they are from Michaels )
  • Decorative Nest ( From Michaels, most craft stores will carry them in season I believe )
  • Decorative Eggs
  • Decorative Bird (Old X.Mas ornament)
  • Decoratice Flowers ( have used more than pictured here as I went)
  • Jute Twine 
Here is how it turned out.

The steps are fairly simple. I started by tying the green decorative stem to the wreath with jute twine.

I decided to do it only one side not to overwhelm the whole thing. But that is just a choice. Once this part was done I hot glued the nest and the bird to the bottom part of the wreath. My little girl was part of this process and she insisted on adding the pink grass ( I know it isn't logical, but this 4 year is still at the "everything pink" stage)

The eggs I originally planned to add turned out to be too big, so I collected two egg shaped pieces from an old potpourri and painted them green and pink (again - no logic). Once this was done, still the wreath felt a little bland and lacked the playful touch so I used some old dollar store artificial flowers ( Yes, I am totally that girl who is entertained by dollar store bouquets ) to add. If you find it out of place by any means, that is because this was done on a whim and totally unplanned.

That's it for the day friends, What are your decor plans for this spring? Got any craft ideas to do with kids this vacation? Suggest me some.

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