Tablescape : Pumpkins and Fall Leaves

Autumn is the season to eat pumpkins and gourds and adore the beautiful fall colors. There are thousands of recipes to try with the pumpkins and another thousands of ways to decorate with fall leaves yet I decided to take on the same combination to make this tablescape. Why? Because they are irresistible and charming and I can not "not do" this.

This is yet another tablescape I did for my magazine feature ( It is also a tablescape on which I spent nothing other than some time and effort. The fun part is with some colorful leaves and flowers from the garden and some fruits and vegetables from kitchen you can take your table from ordinary to special and pretty.

I know it would be overkill to explain the "to make" part because these pictures speak for themselves. It is simple, colorful, happy yet organic. As you can see I have set it up outside to get better picture, but it lasted for weeks on our dining table with occasional change of water and of-course you have to change the vegetables as and when you use them up. (How do I insert  a smiley here? You can't see but imagine I am smiling here)

So go around your neighborhood, collect as many bounties as you can possibly collect and set them on your table, make your dear ones feel special and as in my case get the ordinary food to taste special.

Hope your weekend was relaxed and memorable,
Keep Smiling and enjoy your surroundings.