A little Girl's Own Place - A Room Tour

Here is the second part of the story that we started on Monday. Before I say anything else, here is a warning. This entry is loaded with pictures and words. But I am sure no one will have complaints. A picture can say a thousand words right! I couldn't post the whole room in the last post because of the number of pictures, now you will realize how I true I was.

As I mentioned in the last post, I started out with a plan and have stuck to it for the most part. We bought the rug first, and painted the room next. Then came the bed and the book shelf. We already owned a toy organizer ( I wrote in detail about it here ) , dresser and pouf . We have a doll house too, which has also made an appearance in this space. That concludes the list of major furniture pieces.

Now the details.

Akshara loves colors, especially pink, yellow, green and red. I am not sure why the girls automatically shift to this fixed theme of pink and purple. Is it the TV and toy/clothes market responsible? What ever is the reason, I am thankful that some how yellow, green and red are in play too.

Her fixation over pink and yellow has been there for last 7, 8 months, so nothing new. We had a birthday party in the same color theme. Anyways, you will encounter these colors through out the room - may be a little too much? I would have kept the colors a bit toned down if it was up to me, but this is her room - everything she loves.

The bed is from Ikea ( MINNEN it is called ). I love it for its shape and design. It is low to the ground and has side rails which was comforting for me when she started sleeping alone. And those side rails with a feminine design, kind of cute right! They sell mattresses that fit the bed too. Assembly was super easy.

The focus wall, it has sun and its rays on them. The polka dots are contact paper cut into circles. She only asked for sun and moon, this was the easiest and the cheapest way I could bring a sun in the room.

The canopy over the bed is something I found online - Zulily. I had all plans to make one, tutorials sound easy, but this one turned up for $ 15 which definitely would have costed the same or more with DIY.

The supposedly night stand in the above picture -  Actually is a step stool from Ikea, which I painted yellow. It serves us a night stand and when we have to reach top of the closet which is on the near by wall it turns into its original self.

All the above pictures depict one side of the bed. The dresser is a craiglist find, from the story the previous owner said, it belonged to her grand mother. So it has definitely seen generations. It is hardwood and someone has done a poor stain job. I am still on fence about painting it. But something is stopping me - painting - once done it would be difficult to go back to the original version . Let us see.

The art works on the wall - they are reminiscence of our craft times together. So many afternoons, so much fun and so many messes - We keep them in rotation.

The top of the dresser has some of her rock collections (  most recent ones - The girl picks up rocks from any where and every where) and our lotions and potions ( Apparently even four year old needs some in this era ) .

The middle of the room is where we play and write. We have a table and chairs ( mismatched - lame - but in my defense -lost one of the pink chairs in a poor attempt to spray paint vinyl ). The green one is "DORA Chair" which is result of an un-supervised ( read - non mom-supervised)  shopping spree by dad and daughter.

We have already talked about the book shelf and toy storage. They stay the same though shelves are arranged differently each time. The laziness creeps in while cleaning up!

The lamp is from target clearance Isle - of course painted by yours truly. It is thin cloth shade which is really not ideal for ordinary paint . You can not see from photo, but paint has bleeded over many places - another lesson learned ( should do your research before doing anything - wiser people leave you guidelines to follow ) .

The above pictures show the other side of the room, where we have toy shelf, our hide-out and closet.

Are you tired of seeing pictures? I did warn you in the beginning right? Thank you so much for sticking with me till here. But no kid room tour is complete without a picture of her in the room  - so one final shot and we are done.

So that's it for today folks - Will be back on week end with an easy DIY - we love that the most right? wouldn't like to miss.

Do drop your valuable comments. I would love that. Happy weekend.

Keep Smiling,


  1. Aww this is so wonderful and colorful chechii.. :-)

    1. Thank you Laya. Yes it is colorful, She loves colorful and the energy they bring suits her so well.

  2. Loved this post!! Super cute room..I love the gallery wall and the canopy and the little pink chairs ..oh the green one too :)..everything is sooo cute!!

    1. Thank you Kunjan. The gallery wall is result of our art/craft time together. Started this art/craft time in the afternoons to keep her away from TV, but then it stuck, I realized I love doing it as much as her. Pink and green chairs, glad you liked them - I am not a big fan of these character ones - but she loves them, so there they are.

  3. Love what you did here Anima. The mix of colors and patterns, fabulous. And that first picture is overload of cuteness. Love to Little Miss.A.

    1. Thank you Vidya. It is a huge compliment coming from WUHS.