yarn wall art diy with wood dowels and gold hoops

Do you know my most favorite craft material is yarn - for many reasons.For one, they are available in a zillion colors - enough to satisfy my color crazy soul. Then the texture they bring - soft and rich at the same time, especially with the variety of yarns out there - incredible. Then again, they are simple to handle ( some of the type of yarns don't come cheap - but yet) easy to manipulate, there is room for errors - I can think of more reasons for why I love yarn if I really set out to find.

Today I am sharing this charming , simple and sweet wall art over at Home Made By Carmona, Do check it out and let me know what you think. Direct Link is here.

Tropical Leaf Prints - A Trend that can't be Ignored

Have I ever mentioned here that I am from Kerala ( the southern tip of India) , an Indian state known for its tropical beaches, coconut trees and lagoons? - Where a grand feasts are served in banana leaves? Yes, for real . No wonder this new trend with tropical leaves, that is rocking the design world caught my eye and stayed there :-) . It is nostalgic, brings back the salty whiff of our local beaches to which a lot of memories are attached.

banana leaf print wall paper from made by lemon
Via Made By Lemon

I am quite not sure where the trend originated from though  Don Loper's Banana leaf  print wallpaper is often refereed to as the original installation. Did you know that the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel had the original banana leaf wallpaper in the year 1942? Yes, actually the design, the print is existing from that time, though now we have countless replicas of original design.

Etsy anewalldecor shop
Via Etsy - anewalldecor
But I do agree, these are bold prints that have substantial impact on a room. Committing to such an effect might be a tough decision for most of us - both in terms of design and price. But not to worry, these tropical prints are appearing in all sorts of forms - fabric, paper, art, accessories and home decor. You just need to decide how and where you want to see it .

In the living spaces, you may enjoy it in the form of  curtain panels, throw pillows or art on the wall.

banana leaf curtains
Via Coco + Kelly
banana leaf pillow
Via Homey Oh My

Society 6 throw
Via Domino
In kitchen and dining spaces these leaves could turn into lovely table cloths, DIY placemats  or as beautiful dishes and bowls.

Via Place Of My Taste

Via Room296

You can use the fabric or paper options to create your own art or use them in various DIY projects, even tweak a few furniture with them. The possibilities are endless, imaginations limitless.

Tropical print wall art
Via The Everygirl

banana leaf wall paper bookcase
Via A Cup Of Jo
DIY Leaf Print dresser
Via A Beautiful Mess
How do you feel about the trend? Here to stay? I am thinking it is going to stay a while especially since it has seen decades by now.

Would you like to check out some products spotting these tropical leaves with their color rich and bold patterns? Do check out my pinterest board here , full of inspirational images and products and sale information.

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