Christmas Ornaments - The DIY Way

We don't have big Christmas plans this year. There is one and only one reason for that - We are going to my parent's home in India this week end, which I have known for a few months now. So no big plans. For that reason I haven't put up the tree either.

But I did take out my smaller table top tree for a feature for the magazine I write for. I couldn't put it back though because its presence is festive, pure happiness and when it lights up, our little girl is ecstatic. I had ornaments from last year, pink and purple and blue which I used up to make a wreath for the magazine feature. I had left the tree bare (it is too small for that to be bothersome) but when Vidya and her blogger friends started this 12 days of ornaments series, I was inspired.It helped that I have some clear plastic ones I bought way back in September.

I had no plans to spend any money, meaning "none at all", on Christmas this year for the reasons mentioned above - So I just used what I had in my craft supply to whip up some, for bonus it was fun for the little one who loves glitter and gluing.

So here we go,

1. Washi Taped Ornaments

The only supply I used are the clear glass ornaments I had from Michaels, They have made an apperance multiple times here on the blog, like here and the ones shown above. To turn them into tree worthy, I just spray painted two in white and wrapped them around with washi tape.

2. Frosted Glass Ornament

This set also has spray paint involved. I had frosted glass paint in my stash for a long time, so tried that with the first one. I just used the frosted glass paint just the way you use regular spray paint. Let it cure for a day and then painted over with regular craft paint. It will be better if you have a roller brush, I believe. Once the paint thoroughly dried, apply the mod podge and use glitter powder and let it rest for a few hours.

3. Spray Paint & Glitter Ornaments

The rest of them are done the same way. Spray paint-->tape off a pattern to glitter-->mod podge--> glitter-->dry time.

I believe Akshara loved the second set more with the glitter involved.

So that's the start for a handmade holiday season. We did make some clay ornaments to gift Akshara's best friend and few more crafts for the magazine feature- more on that later.

So are you all set for the holiday season? Lights, glitter, Santa, tree, yummy food, gifts, merry & bright?

Keep Smiling,


  1. Love the first picture Anima. I'm having a "why didn't I think of that moment?"! I have 2-3 rolls of washi tape sitting in the basement! They look so cute. Gonna make these with my daughter. And thanks again for the shout out.

    1. The 12 days Series made me do this Vidya, that was really inspiring... Very happy that you loved it, Thank you. And your Christmas home looks lovely.