Frustrating things about renting and Tips to overcome

Today is a special day. I told you in the beginning of the year that there are some wonderful opportunities that this blog brought my way and this one is big on the list. I have joined Ursula's creative team for Home Made by Carmona ( Home Made By Carmona -doesn't need introduction if you are reading blogs for a while - But in case you haven't heard , it is a must-follow blog, rather community) and my first post is up over there. Please do check out this DIY Candle, awaiting you there. If you are stopping by from HMC. a very warm welcome to This Design Journal. You are loved and valued here.

If you are a reader for sometime, you already know that we rent. We have been renting for past 6 years and have changed home 3 times in as many. Do I love renting? No, I would love to own a home and we are working hard towards it. Why am I not a fan? If you love decorating your home and you rent, you already know the main reason. But there are other reasons too, like not having that sense of belonging - that sense of security - that sense of -"my own" . These feelings are hard to overcome, according to me accepting the fact is the only thing actually there to do. But rest everything can be and should be fixed. and that is what I am thinking about here.


Most of the times we feel alienated at our rental home is because we treat ourselves as aliens there. Instead add all possible personal touches there. That would include your lovely memorable moments, your favorite fragrances, your pets and plants. How do they help? they remind yourself and others around you that this place is yours, as long as you live there.
  • Have personal photos and mementos displayed
  • Have living things other than people.
  • DIY some of your decor accessories
  • Have storage pieces that suits your needs

Decorate the hell out of it

Often times our landlords give us strict boundaries. While some of it could be fixed, like the boring beige only on the walls - some should not be violated like no painting the kitchen cabinets or make additions to closets. But as they say nothing is really impossible - or at the least un-attainable ( somethings are - but for the sake of keeping positive outlook , let us listen to inspirational speakers) . Decorating the place you live falls under this. We can work around - only you have to be smart about them. 

Painting the walls, at least one accent wall is the easiest way to update any space - but if that isn't for you there are a number of easy things you could and should do .
  • You must have art on the wall
  • Add a rug - it is a great investment
  • You can swap out standard light fixtures for your own
  •  Liven up the walls with colorful accessories

Open the doors to Friends

One thing that you need to do to make a house home is to share it with others - as many as possible. While it is not practical or feasible for most of us to host soirees extravagant, we could do simple, informal gatherings of people we love. I used to have trouble with this part though - because I am not a good cook and then I thought my house isn't big enough and then I thought it isn't great for people to get comfortable, at least I thought I am not good enough - but I found out to my greatest delight that it doesn't matter, none of it matters - all that our friends care is having good company, some thoughtful conversations, some gossips ( wink, wink ) and laughter. So here are my bullet points for this part.
  • Have casual get-togethers
  • Volunteer to host seasonal holidays
  • Have game / movie nights
  • Just have a friend over for tea

Fair points right! I believe, rather I know all these are do-able on any budget because I have done it. And even though I don't love renting, I do love my home. It is our home.

Inspired? What else do you do to make it at home in your rental or even your own?


  1. Love this post. So many practical suggestions

    1. Thank you Jina. I am happy you found it useful.I am taking the quick note suggestion serious.

  2. I rented for a long time before my husband and I bought our townhouse and I can totally relate with your frustrations! I think you shared some great tips here and I'm absolutely loving your home office.

    1. Hey Reshma, happy you loved it and found the tips great. And home office - yes I love it too. it is a happy place when not messy out of all half finished projects :-)

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  4. Those pink and green flower vases are so pretty! love them :) And your blog is so neat; shows how much of an organised person you are! Cheers and good luck with everything.

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