From a Closet to dreamy Hide-out - A pleasant metamorphosis

The story begins in the long lost past. The little girl "me" had a secret hide out ( I don't think it was any secret - but I believed it to be). It was an asbestos shed towards the back of our terrace. Though a dump yard for scrap wood and broken furniture and home for mice and spiders - it was my shelter from the harsh realities of the world ( a wink is inserted here). A fight with my sister, an argument with mom, or just to sneak a re-read an old edition of "Balarama" ( a children's magazine) - the shed was my hide out.

Fast forward to present - I realized a hideout would be a cool pleasure for my little girl too - especially since I started spotting her under the dining table and blankets whispering to her dolls and toy pets. Thus started this " closet-to-hideout " makeover saga. Come on in for the details.

This one was easy since we already had a second closet in Akshara's room which was majorly un-used, well except for dumping toys that were no more in lime light, chairs, seasonal stuff etc. So one fine day I drew out the plan and got approval from husband, the master and set out. I cleared out the closet and painted with left over paint. You can make out the "left over" part since two sides of the closet are different colors. Perfection is over-rated friends - You just do what you can do. Right!

That was also a time I was making notes on different kinds of wall treatments as stenciling, wall paper, textured walls etc. and wanted to try out each. I thought a peel and stick wall paper would be a cool start at experimenting. I looked around for some time but then I spotted a gift wrap in perfect colors at HomeGoods and thought why not! So gift wrap it is. I was indeed worried about the durability, but it has been six months, so far so good - And I won't be upset even if it is ruined. It is just a gift wrap nothing pricey or precious.

The rest of the place came together with Ikea sheers with pom pom trim, a toddler mattress that fit in perfectly ( how did that happen?) and a shelf on bracket which I already had in hand.  I kept the upper rack to hang her dress up cloths and to keep away some seasonal storage. We added an extra light there, since it is a dark corner, it is battery operated but more fun than function.

I am not allowed to decorate or add anything more than what is inside there already. Although I did sneak in the banners and a frame for my pleasure. The little owner of the little shed likes it bare and her own. The flower vase you spot there is one kept just for the blog pictures which she immediately spotted and asked - "Amma why do you have your stuff in there? "

But she is happy, invites her friends over to spend time in her hide-out and when she gets mad or whiny she would loudly announce that she is going to her hide-out for some quiet. Yes she does and the purpose is fulfilled.

So that is that, simple projects for simple pleasures. Did you like our hide-out? Did you have super private space back in time or even now? Share your stories here. Everyone loves nostalgic stories I believe.

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  1. The hide out looks so cute and she looks like she is enjoying it thoroughly.

    1. That she does Vidya, from playing pretend with her dolls, reading to them, letting out her frustrations to afternoon naps - it sees a lot of action. Thank you for visiting and so happy that you loved it too.