Room Tour : Our Dining Room

I have shared most part of our home here in the blog, except for kitchen and dining space. I put it off for many reasons, most important being, "not knowing" how to photograph these two. I thought as time passes by I will learn the technique by some magic which hasn't happened yet. I haven't done a great job of it today either, but since I don't believe that I would learn how to photograph it well anytime soon, today is the day.

In my defense it is a long room, long and not that wide. I couldn't really get a good wide angle picture, but hope you get the idea.

It is the open design plan where living,dining and kitchen are all but one room.But there is a small ceiling beam that divides the living and dining areas well enough, so visually there is a good separation between the rooms.

The dining space as such is not big and it is not small either if it's only function was to be a dining room. I find it a bit confining only because the space is really 4-in-1 in terms of function - meaning, we use it as a dining space, work space with the desk area, passage way between living and kitchen and also to backyard and also our primary crafting/art/project area. It does lives large though within the humble means.

Can you spot "Friday DIY" there?

I had my desk in the far corner of the room until recently. Had to change it when we were hard pressed for some extra storage for my growing art & craft supplies and paper work. So got two shelves that could flank the dining table. The shelves are from Ikea, the thinnest ( is that word correct?) one I could find in a small budget ( though $100 is not small by any standards for me). But they are kind of cute right! I love them so much that I have forgiven myself for spending a hundred instead of regular and thrifted book shelves. For bonus it feels great to fill them up with my creations and tweaked goods. Anyways, moving on..

Our dining table is also from Ikea, the glass top keeps it as much airy as possible. I always make it a point to have something nice on the table to distract from all the "space congestion" going on there. The chairs have been with us for past 5 years which I recover with curtain panels. I wrote about them here.

I have my work desk on one side, I pull up one of the dining chairs when needed as I don't have space for anything there. When I have projects that take up more space or our little girl has her friends over, we push the table to the other wall. The table isn't heavy and that helps.

The other wall has the newer shelves. It is great to have the extra space to keep my craft stuff and crafted ones too. They hold things from the internet/phone paraphernalia to pretty plant pots. Documents and files to fabric scraps. I am proud to say that most everything on those shelves have some sort of "hand made" touch to them. They are all made or tweaked by us ( me & Akshara), reminiscence of our afternoon "art sessions".

Date, Time & Location!!!

The breakfast bar area is really small and it is kind of Girish's office. Meaning he does his e-mail/mail checks, bill payments and he even watches movies there. I make it my own during day time. I think I write better when I do it from there. My point is, it is our favorite place to sit and relax alone.

A few more shots, I think we have seen almost all nooks and corners of the room.

Wow, so many elements in this picture has my "hand stamp" on them

One of my favorite books, hope Akshara will enjoy it too..

Tired yet? Do you have to pack a ton of functions in small space like us too? Do you have a better layout in mind for this room? Do let me know your thoughts.

Take Care,Keep Smiling,


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