A 'Thank You' Note & A post-Halloween Tweak

Month of November - meant to be the month of gratitude, it is also a month I complete 3 months of my blog journey. I meant this small blog just to be a journal to record my thoughts, our days, the simple crafts that we do - but it has turned out to be much more - it keeps me motivated to improve, forces me to let go of my laziness which is my worst enemy, encourages me to read more, write more and above all to live more. It is also an avenue where I found some great creatives, writers -people who I didn't know existed, but so happy that I found them...

I can not believe we are nearing end of 2014 already. This has been a good year so far. After some "quiet & solemn" years, this one also has been an year where I was busy and active creatively and socially. And trust me, in a very good way, changing our lives, making our days much more meaningful.

I took up a design course with NewYork Institute Of Art & Design this year, so far finished three out of 6 bundles. So far so good. Though I started the blog as a supplement to the course, the fun with the blog has taken the studies to the back burner. Apparently love writing and making more than sitting and studying. I have to try really hard, work more mindfully so that I can give both equal attention, which I intend to do.

I am enjoying writing for my magazine - Malayali. It is a bilingual monthly publication that is part of Malayali Inc, which has another endeavor that is Malayali FM (Find the FM link here). Malayalam is an Indian language, spoken by the people of Kerala which is almost the bottom tip of India. The magazine has English and Malayalam content and a regularly updated website (Here) and an active Facebook presence (Here) . I love this new family of mine, most of my fellow writers are dear friends now and my editors are the best mentors I could ever get.

I am taking this time to thank you, all of you, who read my musings, who are kind enough to let me know their thoughts, who cared enough to "Like", "Share" and "Comment". Each of you makes me work harder, live fuller and care more. Thank you, Thank you so much for being there.

And November also means the end of Halloween season - We are still running "pretend trick-or-treat" shows in this household and the fairy wings and wands are still the go-to props, but I have managed to take down the spiders, bugs and banners. 

I brought some of the fiery red leaves home yesterday and made simple tweaks to the shelf. Nothing major, but a frame with "Thankful" written on it, my trusty hanging ornaments which hasn't lost it its relevance and a candle that I don't really burn. We shall add many more festive touches slowly and steadily - and why not? The most magical time of the year is coming up , We should definitely join the fun.

Keep Smiling, Stay Blessed,

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