DIY : A whimsical Vase

Sometime ago while on a browsing spree, I came across these vases from popsugar site. Aren't they cute and whimsy?

I had them in my head for sometime, even looked up where to buy them. But for simple vases, they are insanely costly, like upwards of $50 costly. Though I lost any hope of buying them, I was never allowed to forget since they popped up in the form of vases and planters many times since then - As they say, if you really want something, really really want something - whole universe would conspire to bring it to you - in my case, not to me in real, but in the form of pictures from around the web...

Anyways, when I saw this Styrofoam heads in Michaels, I knew I could get something closer to my ever eluding head vases from it. Not perfection- but close enough. For $3 ( with a coupon) , it is a win even without perfection.

The "action" part is simple though a bit messy and tedious. I just marked a circle on the head in the size of the plant pot I had - and cut it bit by bit until I could fit the pot fairly well. That's it.

I am not sure how well they will hold up if you try to put the plants directly in it - safer is to put a small potted plant or even use as a vase with small glass of water.

I can envision a number of occasions to put her into good use.

When I made her first, I dressed her up with a clay beaded necklace and a golden eye mask made of craft paper. When Halloween knocked , just replaced the mask for a black one and necklace for washi tape.

Hope she will see many many good days...

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a little time for some simple crafts among all the good food, movie and kids activities and clean up?

Anyhow, you have a beautiful weekend , see you again on Monday!

Keep Smiling,

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