DIY : Mistakes & Corrections

What do you do when you realize that something you just made is a mistake? As any good person does, you correct it immediately - as fast as possible. That is definitely the best way to give your conscience peace and rest. So very true when it is a creative mistake too.

That is what happened to me when I made an art as gesture of "Thanks" the other day. You have no idea what I am talking about right? Or do you? Well, I shall present the exhibit here.

I knew soon enough that the back drop and the letters that I used to make that note was all wrong. But was time pressed since I wanted to do it on 3rd of November ( 3 months in blogland thingy!) and I didn't know what else to do at that point of time. Then I hoped, may be the camera can work wonders. Apparently Nikon D3200 does no such wonders neither did my picture editor - So there is was.

It was an eye-sore and I struggled with it for two days. But have taken charge now and tweaked it. Not yet perfect. I am not there yet, you know that probably. But better I suppose, way better. So here is how I made it a bit easy on the eyes.

I used the same letters, just spray painted them gold, and used a green poster paper as a back ground. The letters were looking lonely on the solid colored paper so added some gold dots for a kick. That's it. I love how the bright green brings some energy to the room which was all gloomy with the previous version and it works well with the Ikea throw pillow too. Until I think of better designs, this is it.

On a similar note, looks like it is not only me who screws up design and quality, big shots like Sharpie does it too, royally. Here is a metallic marker I bought from Amazon, and forget about being metallic it wasn't even brown on paper. Anyways, Martha's gold acrylic paint doesn't do that, so used that for some extra kick. All is well that ends well right!

I shall leave you with the thought - correct even small mistakes, sooner than later - for it gives peace of mind and a tinge of happiness in life and in design.

Happy weekend, Stay blessed.


  1. I actually liked the older art work too...:) The only"mistake" on there was the upside down N. :) And that one is so hard to notice. The only reason I caught it is 'coz I've made the same mistake too with my iron on letter Namaste pillow! :)

    1. Vidya, I didn't notice the wronged "N" until now, neither here, nor on your pillow, you are talking about the red pillow in the formal living right! With the art work, my issue was the pale colors on the background and then on the letters, kind of gloomy in real. I tried to get away with the photo editor, but there is only so much it can do right!