DIY : A Pretty Catch- All Dish

I have a big tub of air dry clay at home almost all the time. Making dishes,vases, beads, necklaces out of them is what I do on un-inspired cloudy days. It is true. Though it doesn't take a ton of creativity, thinking and rethinking about new ways to make them and dress them up makes even my most boring day joyful. If you haven't tried doing something, anything with air dry/polymer clay or even play dough you must.

So here is the first installment. A catch all dish.

Supplies :

  • Air Dry Clay ( I buy Crayola Brand from Michaels)
  • A Bowl ( this is to get the bowl shaped curve for the dish)
  • Knife
  • Paint & Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge
How to :

You start by getting a fist full of clay and then rolling it out with a roller pin slightly bigger than the mouth of the bowl. Now use the bowl as guide to cut out a circle . Now to add a bit of whimsical touch I cut it out to make a flower shape. I used the knife to make some wedges to get it as in flower petals.

Put your flower inside the bowl and set it aside. Next step is the tough one as it involves a day of waiting to get the clay completely dry. If you use polymer clay you are saved with 30 minutes of baking.

Once it is dry, you can sand the edges to make them smooth which I didn't do. Now you can paint the flower in desired color and design. Once the paint dries give a thin coat of Mod Podge to seal off. This gives the dish a shine and durability. You can skip this but since we are using craft paint, there might be chipping alter.

That's it . You have a simple dish to collect your coins, pins, clips, keys - what all you need to catch from disappearing!!

Do you like it or not ! Do let me know. Follow me on Facebook for updates and snippets . See you soon.



  1. So pretty! Thanks for the tutorial - I will have to try it with my kids

  2. Thank you. It would be fun with kids, I have a 4 year old who loves playing with dough.

  3. Is it white clay or tera cota jus lemme know as its really beautiful wanna try

  4. I have used white air dry clay by Crayola here. If it is terra cotta, I think you will have to paint it white first to get good color. If you haven't bought the clay already I would suggest to get white so you don't have to go through the multiple steps. Please do try and let me know how it went. Would make my day.

  5. This is so cute! I have never worked with clay but plan to one day!

    1. Thank you Gail.Trust me, once you start it is difficult to stop :-)

  6. Very cool! I think the trick to these kind of dishes is to have another one to let them dry in.