We are at a house hunting phase and I have been seeing a lot of houses. One thing that I have noticed is how rare it is to see modern architecture and decor in this part of  Virginia. If at all I saw any modern design, they were condos and apartments. Not single family houses or townhomes. It is not that I have seen it all by now, but as much as I have seen in real and in the real estate sites, 90% of them are anything but modern.


Patriotic Wreath

It is that time of the year again, when Red, White and Blue are not just colors any more. They mean, pride, honour, courage, love and peace. Every year I plan on making something to celebrate these feelings for our little girl, but the long holidays, festivity, vacation - all contribute to being busy and we end up going for fireworks and be done with it. Not this time.


Shabby Chic - When I hear the word what comes to mind is pastel pinks and distressed, antique, aged furniture pieces and calm, feminine vibe. I believe it is indeed very close to what it means to be because the official definition by google and wiki give is this, here I quote - 


Hey All,
Here is yet another tour of a model home I recently visitted. I am sure by now it is obvious that we are on a subtle house hunt. This is a new construction we spotted recently by K Hovnanian Homes , their Willowsford Farm , craftsman style homes. First of all a disclaimer : All opinions are mine and mine only. If you haven't seen the first one in the series, do check out here.

What caught my eye at first sight was beautiful exteriors, a real porch, side open garage, well defined architectural features. And to top it off, there is a balcony from the master bedroom. Cool ! 


Hey All,

This simple DIY organization tool came into being at the the spur of an inspired moment.This one is particularly for the girls out there with a ton of Hair Clips to pretty them up and then later store them safe and sound. Just like any other little girl, mine too has a bunch that used to be thrown into a bowl. There was nothing wrong with it except, most of the times the ones on the top was chosen and rest of them forgotten about and left tangled at the bottom of the bowl.


Hey All, I have a confession to make. That is, I am not crazy. I don't make wreaths every day. On the contrary I made my first wreath very recently which is still hanging on our door. But it turns out that I love the look of wreaths and certainly love making them. So you may get to see some every now and then here as well.

This particular one is something I made for the May issue of Malayali Magazine, which is a bilingual print published exclusively from US Of A. There are some great stories, commentary on current affairs and food for thought too along with fashion, food and crafts.

Well, on to our wreath, I have a step by step guide published on Guide Central so I will spare the step by step details and just show you how easy home decor can be if you are really into it with some behind the scenes.


--Green leaves
--Faux flowers
--Floral wire.

I basically started out with tying the leaves to the ring with floral wire.

Next, I removed the flowers from the stem and glued them to the ring.

That's all. Hang up and enjoy.

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Hey All,

Today's post is about a little humane, saviour act that I did for a battered, old and dumped in the dumpster by some one , little shelf. She is really little and I have no idea why such a little cute girl was dumped. But as they say someone's junk turns out to be someone else's treasure. It turned out just the same for me. Because she is the new keeper of keys at our home. (Strange but Hagrid, the original keeper of Keys was gigantic while this one is teeny and tiny)

Anyways here she is in her previous life.

I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I spotted the shelf first. But once I figured it is the perfect size for our entry way ( which is really just a door way. by the way) , I knew I would need something for the back , because as such it didn't have anything for the back and small things might fall off.

I didn't have any plans to spend any amount of money on it, so decided a small piece of cardboard from packaging box would do the trick.

Once the plan was finalised, all I did was to paint it with a white paint I had in hand and then measure, cut and cover the cardboard piece with a pretty gift wrap paper.

As I mentioned, she is tiny with shallow shelves. But it has enough space for a little pot for coins, glasses, keys and then some decorative pots.

So, that is the tale of an old, battered wood shelf who reached a lovely home from the dumpster with some luck and DIY love.

Have you saved someone from the dumpster lately? Spill the beans now and here.


Hey All,

There are times when I make things just because I feel like it. Today's is one such occasion. I really didn't need a banner though I could use some color on blank walls around the home. But honestly there wasn't any need of a banner or bunting at this point. But I had all these paint chips ( small papers with paint colors made by paint manufacturers) that I have been hoarding and I thought well let me make one and share. How nice of me right!!

Well those stories apart, these are the easiest and probably cheapest party perfect banner/bunting you would have seen. Mostly because they are made of paint chips that are free at home improvement stores and only other things you would need are scissors and glue - for the simplest of them. Here I am showing one version and you can find hundred other ways to customise it like, painting, marbling, stencilling, glittering - anything really.

supplies :

Paint chips in colors of choice
Washi tape for decoration

The steps are fairly simple. The paint chips I chose were rectangular in shape . They are basically thick craft paper either glossy or matte finish . I wanted to make triangle bunting. I folded each one in half and cut out triangle shape by cutting the sides at an angle. Then I put the twain in the middle of it and glued both sides together. Repeat for as many as you need. Once I had the banner I decorated it with washi tape that I had in hand .

This can be done with regular craft paper, only they won't be really free.

That's it. Easy and cheap banner for the next summer get-together.

If you haven't tried decorating with these paint chips yet, I think you must. The possibilities are endless. I have a large scale wall art in mind next . Are you gonna try too? Do let me know your thoughts.

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Did you see my little workspace  yesterday? One element that adds colors and charm to the space is the color blocked bulletin board. That is what we are talking about today.

This is an easy peasy project, that is if you like craft paint and paint messes. I bought these Cork trivets ages ago. I bought my first set when we visited Ikea a long time ago and shoved it somewhere and forgot about it. I bought it again on a later visit thinking its a good thing and again kept it some where and forgot about it. Until these came out while cleaning up years worth of junk.

But this time I didn't shove them any where because I have been thinking of a message/bulletin board for sometime. Thus this project was born.

Supplies :

Craft Paint
Paint Brush
Ruler & Pencil

Here is what I did.

The first thing is to decide on a  design and colors to use. I tried many then settled for colors that would go with the other pieces in the room. Then I drew a rough sketch of to get a look and feel of the board I am making.

Then I started painting, which is kind of easiest part.

So what do you think? Wouldn't this be cool in an office or teen's room?