DIY : Faux Malachite Bowl for Floating Candles

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you would know that I have a thing for painting things. I can paint, rather I am willing to paint anything - paper, plastic, vinyl, metal, wood, clay, canvas, glass, walls, ceilings - I haven't even left our poor fan alone. Anyways my point is I love painting.

Today's DIY is painting just one another thing lying around here for a while now. I bought two bowls from the local thrift store when this "succulent terrarium" thing was hot, actually it is still hot in the blogland I believe since it is a thing of beauty. In my enthusiasm I painted the first one red and planted some but they soon died, like a 'month soon' died. It made an appearance here.For a fact, I did try again, multiple times until my poor husband asked me to stop spending money to kill.

For that reason I left the other one alone in a deep drawer and forgot about it. Then I came across this cool project from Little Green Notebook blog and felt this "compulsion" to do something similar. I love painting, I told you right! So I started looking out for a surface to do the same and during a de-cluttering spree ( do you ever do that?) came across my bowl again.

To cut the already long story short I painted my bowl with faux malachite effect ( I hope so) .

Supplies :

1. Two shades of green acrylic paint , one darker than the other. ( I did not have in hand, so just mixed a bit of black to make it darker.

2. Paint brush ( Best if you have what they call "fan" brush - if not no worries, regular one will work too)

3. A bowl, rather a surface to do this.

4. Sealer. I use my Mod-Podge all the time. But poly acrylic sealers are recommended for protecting such surfaces.

How-to :

This is a simple project. The trick is to use a brush that has bristles with some width and loading half of the brush with one shade and the other half with the other shade. Once you have the brush set up, paint with your hand moving in circles as in the above picture.

The result is :

That's it. I fill the bowl with some water and light some candles from time to time, to make some of our evenings a bit warm and special.

I love how the flame reflects in the water against the pattern. Isn't it pretty? Here are some detailed shots of it.

And if you like a neat before & after shot, here you go.

Happy Friday friends, have a great weekend.

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