Make It Yours: Tweak A Shelf

I like tweaking things. I just love it when I look at something in my house and feel, there is some part of me in there. I confess, many times idea may not be my own. But “For substantially all ideas are second-hand.”- I didn't say that. Mark Twain did.

Anyways, back to the Friday Tweaks, I have had this particle board shelf for a couple of years now. In its previous life the shelf served as a shoe stand near our entry. When a better option came along (it is like my daughters toys – she gets a new one, outgoes the older one) I pushed it around the home as and when mood struck.

Long long ago

Lately it ended up as a place to dump anything that can’t find a place to live. A few days back when I was writing this story of the bookshelves, I remembered this one and was inspired to give it some love. See,writing a blog is very useful that way.

I first considered painting it.That is the easiest way to transform anything.But discarded the idea soon because when you paint a wood surface especially particle board one with smooth surface, you need primer to get the paint adhere properly. And then there will be paint to buy. I didn't want to spend money and effort on that.

That lead me to the paper way.I had three left over gift wraps .I just held them against the shelf and decided on the blue one in the middle.Would you have loved the yellow-pink one?

So here we go – prettying up a tired shelf.

Materials Needed 

·         Gift wrap of your choice  - I got mine from HomeGoods – If you have extra time, you can get a roll of plain paper and hand draw whatever you want on it.
·         Scissors - you don’t have one? Buy – right now.
·         Double sided tape/Glue dots - I got this from amazon. (Liquid type of glue would be messy and air bubbles are another headache. So better to avoid that)
·         Mod Podge – optional – I use it all the time to give any painted or papered surface extra protection. It dries clear and you will have a glossy/matte top.This is needed only for heavily used ones for extra protection.

I could not take pictures in the midway of the process.If I went for the camera, the 4 year old here would have torn things into pieces. She is very helpful that way. On the positive side, her "Amma, aren't we making something today?" pushes me to do something everyday.

So here is how we go about this.

How – to

·         Remove the racks if possible. If not measure and cut paper to size.
·         Attach the paper to the back of the shelf with the adhesive you chose.
·         Apply a thin layer of mod podge with a brush. I didn't do this.

There you go. Easy, simple and not much money involved. Bonus, you can get the kids to tag along. Measuring and cutting is their jam. Isn't it? 

Wish you all a wonderful weekend. See you on Monday.

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