Flowers, Butterflies, Party...

Our little girl turned four last week. And we celebrated her spirited self with a small get together with her play-date buddies.

I had nothing much to do as far as the decisions on how to party. She had all the things figured out on her own, including the colors she wanted to see. The list was long - but as enthusiastic as she was about it, I tried to bring most of them to the table - well except for getting real giraffe, monkeys, puppies and cats to her party and everyone on her friends list - obviously for space constraints!!!

She has been fixated over pink, yellow and black color theme for some time now. I can understand where pink and yellow are coming from but with black I am lost.

Anyways, the loving and creative mother I am ( How do you incluse a "wink" here?), I set out to devise a plan to bring most of the list alive. Oh, wait - there were more things on the list. As,

Flowers, butterflies, Baloons, Streamers, Pinata, cryons ,cupcakes, cookies, ice cream - everything in pink,yellow or black.

Since the time I found paint chips in stores like walmart and Home depot, Making banners out of them has been a hobby. I have done it a number of times and can do it again and again as they are "free".

I searched the available stores for economical party supplies in her theme - but in vein. Not that stores didn't carry them at all - but either the quality or the colors or the price tag did not gel well with us. I ended up making a few things by myself.

Hardest thing to find was a decent table cloth in pink and yellow or even black. Online or in store I couldn't find anything that suited. Since I wasn't ready to invest much on such trivial things - I am a cheapo to core and core - I made one from painter's drop cloth and pink and yellow and black paint. The far sighted me could envision it as a picnic/beach blanket too. I have seen canvas drop cloth being used as curtains and even rug (Vidya from Whats Ur Home Story does such UN-imaginable tweaks. You can check it out here)

The back drop here, was the way I found to include flowers and butterflies. First I thought of hanging them from ceiling. Decided against it thinking they will be more of a clutter with all the balloons and streamers in this small house. So instead I ended up just sticking them to a foam board. In case you are wondering they are card-stock paper the kids use at school.

Cake is from Baskin Robins Ice cream cake in rosette design (remember the flower theme!). Since big-time baking is not my cup of tea, the food department as such is not, I took advice from a friend on ideas to have pink,yellow black themed food items.

Cup cakes,cookies,candy, ice cream, pinata, balloons - the rest is regular ingredients of a kids party.

I bought some crayons, paint and color pencils for a little bit of quiet time for kids ( actually to keep us adult's sanity intact ) and rest of the time they played and we adults discussed about - I don't know, world issues!

Before I conclude, I have to thank Anjana Dev - I contacted her for food ideas - If you haven't yet - you should totally check out her blog Happy and Harried here. Simple recipes with un-expected twists, presented with elegant write ups and photos.

Thus she turned four, I can't believe she is already 4 and we celebrated - a handmade birthday for a dear little girl. Did you like our party ideas? How far do you go to fulfill those little dreams they dream?

Wish you a great week ahead, Keep Smiling.

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  1. That looks like a fun party. Thanks for the shout-out, Anima!
    - Anjana.

    1. Thank you Anjana. Thanks for the suggestions and ideas.
      By the way I made the chilly garlic sauce. For a change for me,it came good.
      This one,