Easy Halloween crafts - A few from web world

I am not really big on Halloween and the spooky and creepy vibe they bring. May be because my daughter is still too young for the scary and spooky. So as far as the festivities go, cute pumpkins and banners are as far as I could go.

But that is not true with the rest of the world. Skeletons, mummies, cob webs, bats, blood - yikes - It is heights of creepiness. But That is exactly what older kids and adults who really understand the essence of this season go for. After all the intend is to scare away the evil.

Anyways, read on to find some easy yet popular crafts for Halloween from the blog land.

Whats Ur Home Story

First up is the most popular of Halloween crafts - that is carving pumpkins. It is more like a tradition than craft I believe. While there are hundreds of ways to turn adorable pumpkins into weirdos, here is one I found on Vidya's Whats Ur Home Story. I am adding just one picture here that is of a pumpkin witch; But while you are there for the details, search for Halloween decor. There are a number of interesting ones she has done over the years.

Emily A Clark - Bats on the Door

These bats hang out at Emily A Clark's door to bring in the Halloween mood for the family and visitors. It is a simple craft, easy to make but adds a ton of punch to the porch decor. Emily has given the details on her site which I have linked up here. While she has used them for porch decor, the bats can hang out at your mantles, stair cases landings - they will look wonderful as a banner too.

I Heart Crafty Things - Paper plate spiders

The adorable paper spiders are creations of Rachel, of  I Heart Crafty Things. one of the most creative artists I have come across. As with Vidya, she has done a number of craft projects which are easy, beautiful and light on pocket. Do check out her website for fun crafts and tutorials. This one I loved particularly because it is relatively cheap and easy for kids to make and paint.

Milk Jug Ghosts 

Yes, they are milk bottles turned into ghosts. I found this easy and no cost involved project at iSaveA2Z.com. I came across this image through pinterest, but have found a number of similar fun crafts here.

pumpkin kitties from Sunset Magazine

Decorating with pumpkins is an endless, limitless endeavor. I found this innovative idea from Sunset magazine website, among many other wonderful ones. Paint,paper,tape,decoupage,glitter, stickers, beads - anything can go on them in any design you prefer.

There are a lot other ideas and creative designs out there, so many, so diverse that I can never cover even a single percentage of them. But to get started, to be inspired - I suppose you are covered here. I will be back on Wednesday to show you where these inspirations took me. So stay tuned, do come back.

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