Small Space Solutions : Small stools that multi-task

According to This Design Journal, small spaces are charming and welcome. But that doesn't mean they don't pose challenges, that spread across storage, furniture, space management, decor and the challenges turn into despair when it comes to entertaining and over night guests. On our weekend get-togethers, lack of seating has always been my secret gloom though I never expressed it aloud.

We have a three seater sofa and two side chairs. With a small corner with a side table and chair for Akshara and a TV console - the small room is not in any position to take  any more furniture. So stairs or the floor was the go-to place. I knew I needed some seating system that could be cornered when not in use but didn't know what or where to find it. Apparently small stools were not in my radar, never crossed my mind.

But one day on a casual recon I came across these cute and small stools in our local Goodwill, I instantly loved them - for they were small, in pair, stack-able yet sturdy and strong. A little bit of cleaning and a fresh coat of paint could turn them into my multi tasking accessories.

That is what I did. I had a can of dark purple spray paint, it wasn't choice - but that was what I had in hand. I kept the black seats, just covered up the tears with colorful tape. I kept them in the dining space, pushed against the wall. I did not have a re-upholstery plan for the seat cushion, but came across a floral print in perfect color for the stool at Joann. Bought a yard of it, but needed only a small part of it for this. I used the same technique to upholster as mentioned in this post.

Jo-Ann is currently running a 60% off clearance sale. Hurry if you have one near by.

They truly are hardworking, multi-tasking elements in the room. They are pulled out when we need extra seating. On movie nights, they turn out to be side table where we rest the drinks and snacks, they become a side table when I am working on something and need a bunch of stuff near by and they are also my trusted friends when I have to climb up to reach the top of kitchen shelves or put a nail on the walls - They can do almost any job - You just need to ask them nicely.

They can be seating and a side table ( this was before the re-upholstery job)

Do you like before & after shots ?- If yes, here is one,

Isn't it one cool, small space solution? Do you have any such "loved" piece of furniture that does it all? How do you solve the seating issues when you have more than ideal no of guests? Share your thoughts.. 

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  1. Beautiful work Anima... Both the upholstery and the writing

    1. Thank you for the kind words Sunitha.So happy thst you enjoyed reading.These words of encouragement keeps me going.Thank you again