Seasonal Crafts - An easy way to make memories

We at the design Journal home are not really big on Halloween. Only person who is enthusiastic about it is Akshara- that is because she loves the idea of wearing her costume and go trick or treating and collect some candies.

But we sure are big on crafts, especially ones that can keep us entertained in our afternoon hours. More so because weather outside is getting chillier and windier and playing outside is not a good option.

Our Halloween decorating is the sum up of little crafts we ( Me and my little girl) did together on many such afternoons. Since these were really meant to be fun for a 4 year old, they are really simple so simple that they involve only some paper,paint,crayons and stickers. And if you are looking for scary and spooky - again we are not fans. Yay for cute and Nay for scary.

First up is the one that we enjoyed most. This pumpkin is decorated with crayons in rainbow colors ( I checked, rather coerced in a thousand and one ways to get this in Halloween colors, but she was hell bent on rainbow ones, that too of her choice) melted on the pumpkin. 

All we did was to stick the crayons around pumpkin and then using a hair dryer blew hot air on them to melt them. They would have been much more perfect if was done faster with a steadier hand. This is also the first time I loved the mess it made along with the art itself.

We painted some pumpkins and gourds too and put stickers and tapes on them to our hearts' content. More than that little shelf could handle. It helped that our neighborhood patch was selling them for cheap.

The white planter that is head of a woman doesn't have much to do with Halloween, but I put a black paper eye mask to make it spooky? 

To add a black touch which seems to be a must have color of the festival along with white - I painted a spare frame with black border. And made a banner with paper cutouts with letters painted on them. 

The hanging fixture is Christmas ornaments filled with colorful paper cut outs and beads. I am not sure why but tracing and cutting seem to be an "in" thing with little ones. Akshara sits with this one activity for hours. Painting those beads were added bonus.

Above and beyond we love this season so far. The pumpkin patches, walking around collecting colorful leaves, collecting acorns for some X'Mas crafts, fall festivals - it has been fun so far. 

We are waiting for some Halloween party fun and trick or treating with friends now - How about you? Do you use crafts as a way to having some quality time with kids too? A way to make some beautiful memories of the beautiful seasons?

Keep Smiling & Have fun,

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