Friday DIY : Coasters

For the longest time coasters for me used to be any paper folded in quarts. I am pretty sure many of you have done the same, still do the same. And if a paper is not in sight, just forego the whole part altogether. Right! At least that used to be my way until I decided our home could use small grown up details, just to make it feel, say more of a real home than a stop gap stay.

You really don't have to make coasters, there are tons of them in the market for any price range, simple to exquisite. But sometimes making something is way more gratifying than just getting from the shop. I could make a thousand coasters just for the pleasure of seeing them around at my home. Well I am not crazy, but if you try simple crafts, the pleasure is addictive.

I made this set a long time ago, before this blog was even conceived. They have survived daily use and then some abuse but have passed the test of time in flying colors. They are imperfect in so many ways but still a conversation piece when I have guests over.

If you already have coasters at home and they have seen better days this is a way to refresh them too.

So here we go,

My Supplies

1) These wood plaques from craft store.

2) Decorative/Scrap book Paper

3) Mod Podge ( Any glue and some sealer would work too)

4) Scissors

5) Craft Paint

How To

Step 1 : Cut out the paper as per the dimensions of the wood plaques & Paint the sides of the wood.

Step 2 : Apply a thin layer of mod podge/glue and stick the paper on it.

Step 3 : Let it dry well. Then apply a thinner coat of Mod/Sealer. This is important to protect the paper from spills. When you have sealer, the coaster will not absorb liquid spills and can be wiped off and washed too.

That's it friends - Easy crafts for simple happiness.

Wish you all a very happy weekend.See you on Monday.

Take Care,

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