DIY : Yet Another Sunburst Mirror

Did you see my Sunburst Wall a few days back? If not check out here to get the whole picture of my version of this mirror.

Honestly friends, I must have seen sunburst mirrors a hundred times, if not more. Since I always had issues with too much trendy as long as design decisions go, I was determined "not" to have a sunburst mirror in this house. I thought I see them at least 5 times daily anyways , I don't need to have another one in front of my eyes all the time. In the blog land, it is mandatory that every home has minimum one.You don't believe me? Type in "sunburst mirror DIY" in Google search ( Any search for that matter) and see what comes up!

For the same reason when I finally had to make one, I decided I will have a whole sunburst wall  instead of just a mirror. And a simple sunburst mirror was the key to the wall. And thus I too have a mirror in this home in that category. Hope now I am officially part of Blog land.

So, here is how I made it.


1) A mirror. You get simple,light weight mirrors on the cheap from craft stores. If you are making this only as a decor piece with no intention to see your pretty face - even silver paint in gloss on a card board piece would work. I used a small mirror that I already had from a set of five decor mirror set.

2 ) Wood craft sticks. I bought this one.

3 ) Super glue

4 ) Paint (spray paint or acrylic paint - metallic or colored - your choice)

How to: 

This is one of the simplest of crafts.

Step 1 : To begin, try arranging the wood sticks in circle around the mirror until you get the look you want. It is important to measure and mark the length of the sticks so that they are all on the same scale and distance from each other.

Step 2 : To create the varying length for the rays, you may have to cut sticks.

Step 3 : Once you have the sticks measured and cut, you have to stick them to the back of the mirror in your preferred design. I used super glue, even hot glue would work.

Step 4 : After the glue dries, paint the sticks. Spray paint is easy to work with, just cover the mirror part and light coat, two thin coats would do the trick.

That's it. You have your own sun burst mirror.

Hope you liked this one and found it simple.
Happy weekend,

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  1. This is stunning!! The sunburst mirror is already brilliant, but turning that whole wall into a beautiful statement piece..*mind blown* Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for inspiring and creating, Anima. Just found your blog today - love, love, love!!! -Hannah