Halloween : Easy Balloon Game

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As the 31st October and Halloween party and trick or treating is drawing closer, my mind is set on the games to play. Akshara has costume parade and lunch party at school. And we are playing some games and have fun rides planned to keep the kids entertained. Since she attends a pre- school, easy games - sack races, apple bobbing, scarecrow building etc are some of the games that fit the bill.

One another game that is fit for any party fun is the game of balloon popping. That is what I agreed to take up there. It isn't really a new game, rather it is ages old and classic - though an easily overlooked one.

Malayali Magazine, October 2014 Edition

I originally planned and executed this one for my magazine commitment ( Malayalimag.com ). The subject for October edition was, how to plan and prepare for a fun Halloween event. This game was part of the article. The fun part of this is, it can easily adapt to any occasions- birthday parties, X'mas fun, valentine's day event, it can change color and form to suit the event.

Supplies :

1) A pack of Balloons in your color theme.

2) Sticky tape to glue the Balloons.

3) colorful craft papers if you have any particular design in mind as here.

4) A pack of darts. I made them from the kitchen skewers but they are available in stores like walmart and amazon.


Draw up a preferred shape on the backyard fence or wall. Fill it up with balloons in festive colors. Provide darts (skewers will go a long way) to aim and pop the balloons. I chose pumpkin shape and orange balloons for our party. This one is as easy as blowing up a balloon.
Game 2: Apple Bobbing

This one is a simple game but the laughter and cheer it brings is priceless.

Thus you get an easy, low cost yet fun game.

Hope you liked it.

What are the games you play at your parties? Share your easy, fun ideas.

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  1. So cute! Sounds like it would definitely make for a lot of laughter!!

    1. Thank you for visiting Kristen - cute and a crowd pleaser - I believe. What I love most is that it is easy and cost effective!