Anatomy of a minimal work space

I have always loved a good desk. I must say my decorating fanaticism started at my study desk back at my parents home. Even now, when ever I see a home tour, one thing I look out for is the owner's work space, OK second to the kitchen of course.

Why am I talking about it here and now? Isn't it a trivial detail in a home? Because, it is actually not a trivial detail at all, at least for me it isn't. Having a dedicated place to think and write and craft - it is one thing that has had a very positive effect on my life. Getting back to writing, this blog, crafting with Akshara - all were born in this corner which I call my office.

We had this desk at this corner from the beginning. Primarily because that is where all our internet/phone connections are set up. But the top of the desk has always been a dumping yard. Papers, bills, magazines, grocery bags, random hair clips included, anything that doesn't have a space ended up there. What is the result? Ask me for a pen or an envelope or even our little girl's request for paint brush or crayons - You will see me rummaging through the piles of stuff on this table, only to apologize for finding none. I am sure many of you can definitely relate to me here.

But I realized sooner than later that, if I could find all my writing material, crafting stuff and papers and pens at one place, I would be more enthusiastic about using them. And it actually has worked.

Now, neither this desk nor the corner as such is anything fancy. The desk is a Walmart computer desk that too passed over by a colleague leaving to India for good. It isn't comfortable nor is it good looking. Why do I have it? I don't know. But it is staying until a good deal shows up. I have tried to keep the things on the desk to a minimum because this is where I write, study, do assignments and work on this blog. I bring the laptop here when I need it. The thing usually rest on the breakfast bar / whatever it is called. (Girish prefers it there and we have only 1 that we share)

Laptop lives here until called for action

I have a bookshelf that hold rest of the craft supplies like paint and related things, beads and small knick knacks in the large pink box. Electronic accessories like cables and memory cards etc are in the beige charging station ( from target clearance section ). There are two binders that hold my paper works and important bills along with Akshara's school works.

Extra notebooks ( hoarding pretty notebooks is a disease that you shouldn't contract) and a small drawer holds measuring tapes, office tapes, stapler, glue etc.

I keep a file box and my camera under the table. There are two shelves on the desk but they are taken up by the internet/phone paraphernalia. For larger crafts and painting with my daughter - We spread out an old bed sheet on the floor and have fun.

My point is, not having a lot of space should not be an excuse for setting up an office space. Whether you work from home, run a home based business, craft or just need space for paying bills and going through kids assignments - setting up a dedicated space for yourself is definitely a key to productivity.

There are a ton of inspirations to find, probably in an overwhelming dose, that we get from the magazines and blogs. But if you are just starting out, a simple desk, chair and some basic stationary is all you really need.

Here is one that I loved from Joanna Thornhill's book " Home For Now ".

Speaking of inspiration, I do have dreams of having a great work space someday. A place I can call my office even though it would be just a corner in a guest room. Here is a blue print I have planned out for our home in India - it is still a dream, but I hope my husband will read this post and note the point.

If you already have a great space that is working for you, clean up,organize and using it well would be course of action. If you don't have one, write out the "needs" and "wants" and a budget - and set out on the adventure. You are not alone, 2 years in this house, I still haven't found a decent chair. That is in my still-to-do list.

I have heard that some people actually work better with clutter around. Is it true? If you fall into that category, you still can create a desk space and fill it with clutter.
So, what do you think? Do you think a nice space will spark creativity? Have you come across a nice chair for a reasonable price recently? If yes, do let me know. I would love to check out. Otherwise before long, my back will kill me. Do share your thoughts.

Keep Smiling,

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