DIY : Winter In a Wine Glass

Hey All welcome back to This Design Journal,

I didn't do much of holiday decorations at home this year. Mainly because we are taking a vacation back home in India and around the rural world that is here, seasonal decorating isn't a big thing. Rather most of the home decorating/designs here are permanent fixtures, once done is done kind.More on that later.

Today's matter of interest is one of the very few crafts we (me & my little one) did before leaving, with a wine glass that was lying around here. The supplies are very basic and the craft itself is low profile but a nice and interesting scene.

First we gathered the supplies from backyard. After cleaning the glass nicely, we first filled it with a layer of soil and then mixed some snow flakes.

Next we glued on some leaves on the glass and  ( because that is the color in vogue! this season ) and placed some painted acorns randomly in the glass along with small twigs. I had some left over glitter paper which I folded in the shape of cone and stuck it on a small twig to make a fake tree. We had a small bird ornament from last year's X'Mas tree, so added that in the mix. Reindeer, Santa, Snow man or any other animal figurine would have done wonders here. I just used what I had in hand.

The LED lamp was actually an after- thought. I just felt it lacked some bling in the night so used a small LED candle to make it stand out on the shelf.

That's it. A snowy winter captured in a wine glass.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful time.We are already home in India and settling down.

See you soon with something new next time.

Take Care,

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