Painting a Chalkboard

I am not tweaking today, but making. And this one brought a lot of memories back from my childhood that it is very close to my heart.

My father is a teacher - retired though he is, still teaches as he has done for past four decades. We had this chalk board and desks and benches in this small room from the time I can remember. This is where he teaches equations and probability and formulas to countless students of his.

Dad's black board back home

Every year, come last week of march, dad sets out to polish his black board with Ink and a rag. Even though it is a messy affair, he never asks us children or mom to help. It has always been kind of his ritual. He would pour out the ink in a cup, and with a rag apply the ink on the board multiple times, once dry, brush it with the duster to bring a smoother surface to write.

Now back to our now and here - we don't have to use ink and rag and get messy to create a chalk board. We have special paint to turn any surface into a chalk board, available in multiple colors even available as spray paint. All you need is a surface and a brush and we are all set to create our own black board and write away. I bought this paint. But there are variety of options available in the market.

I made this particular chalk board for my daughter to draw. I could have chosen a wall to turn into a big board but decided  a smaller piece that she can carry around would be a bigger success. I got a piece of foam board from Michaels Crafts Store, but have since found out that this is available in dollar stores too.

Just to make it more appealing to her I painted the boarder with left over pink paint. This could be framed too but I didn't since it is for a four year old and more weight means less convenience for her.

So, here are the steps ( I must be crazy to write out steps here - but what if I forgot how to paint a rectangle?)

1)  Gather your supplies - meaning the chalk board paint, A paint brush, some rags for clean up.

2)  Choose your surface. A wall space, wooden piece cut to size, Foam board (have seen even a fridge painted with this. The surface must be cleaned well.

3)  Mark the part where you want to paint.

4)  Shake the paint well before opening the lid and paint away.

5)  Once the paint is completely dry ( it will take only 20 minutes to dry ) with a piece of chalk rub the whole surface and rub it off. This is to condition the board.

Here you go - simple and easy.

Do you like the chalk board option to unleash creativity in kids? Would you dare paint a wall with chlak board paint? Where else can we use it to get maximum impact? Share your thoughts here.

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