Thus it goes live...

Hello everyone. I am Anima and this is the nook I found to dream home, houses and one day designing a lot of them.I love decorating my home, actually many times over. Doesn't it make one happy to be surrounded by their favorite things that brings back memories or one that was painstakingly handmade? I am sure it does.

Oh, I am not a professional designer or decorator – not there yet. But I aspire to be one.I am currently doing a course in interior design.So to supplement my education, here I am musing about design, houses, art, furniture, furnishings, layouts, organizing, crafting ,cooking (oh,no no) - anything that has to do with home.I believe, home is the gateway to a practical, functional and beautiful life. As they say, all roads lead me to my home. Isn't interior design all about that?

A food for thought to conclude may be? Why is design and decor important to a home when it is actually just a dwelling?

A well designed, tastefully decorated, tailored to our lifestyle home brings in much needed calm, creativity, mindfulness and thus beauty into life. A beautiful home allows us to live in the moment, each moment. That is my answer. What are your thoughts?


  1. Wow..chechii this is awesome.. I am happy that you stared a blog soon..Keep moving..Cheers to many more new creativity and great writings :-)

    1. Thanks a ton for visiting Laya. Love that you like it.

  2. Way to go Animechi! Looking forward to awesome designs here too! :)

  3. Thank you Roopa. Those are words are encouraging. Thanks for visiting.