A very decent Wardrobe

Few days ago I shared the evolution of our master bedroom.There is an important element of the room that I conveniently omitted. The closet that is part of the room. Since she is a very decent part of our daily life I thought I can include her here in this journal.

Back in time, where I grew up, almost all homes had a standard green steel/iron wardrobe - we stuffed all our clothes and valuables inside it and were done. Some more sophisticated homes would have, hand carved teak or mahogany ones instead. But the designs were pretty much the same.

Godrej's more modern design

When I came to the USA, I was set for a shock when I saw a walk-in room attached to the bedroom.Even the small one bedroom apartment we had in the beginning boasted of a walk-in closet - so they are called.

While I loved all the space that I got, in a small room I had to devise plans to use it well. There were only two hanging rods across the length of the room with a shelf on top. So I hung all the clothes that could be hung and kept the rest in our travelling suitcases. Have you tried keeping all clothes stuffed in suitcases on the floor? You feel suddenly you are back to your dorm life. But I did live the feeling for 3 years. College life in adulthood - I would like to remember it that way.

When we moved to our current home, I was prepared though. I had already found places to get baskets and storage cubes on the cheap and even closet systems like Closetmaid.

Our current master bedroom has what they call reach-in closet. Oh, yes that was another knowledge I gained when I started paying attention to details. There are primarily three kinds of cloth storage systems.

                          1 ) Walk-in Closet
                          2 )  Reach- in -Closet

                          3 ) Wardrobes

Ours is a Reach-in Closet, meaning it is a small narrow room with doors. While I had no plans to invest in more tailored custom shelving unit - I had done enough research to keep an eye out for small carts at the thrift store. I carried the measurements in my bag to make sure it would fit inside the closet. The effort was not in vein as I scored a cart with pull out drawers ( retails for $100 I think) and a mid century dresser. Both well under $50. I don't remember the exact price for these.

Then I planned out what will go where in the closet to have the smoothest possible "dressing up"- where Girish ( My husband) can find things on his own. I don't want to elaborate that point because can't really understand how you can "not see" things that are right in front of your eyes. Do you have spouses with this particular ability?

Anyways, I planned it out on paper and did educate my husband about the general structure. The above image is not what I used then, because I obviously had no blog or journal for it then. Nevertheless this was the plan.

Here she is in reality.

It helps immensely that I don't have much jewelry or other accessories. A small bag and the cute jewelry hanger is all I need.

In addition to the closet I have a dresser that was mentioned previously and an ottoman ( It is the one on which I have the fan in an earlier image) to store Pjs, gym clothes, winter clothes, extra bed/bath linen etc.

That's it. I have not invested in pretty baskets or fancy storage systems - Not because I don't like them, Oh, I would love to have a beautiful closet with functional systems - But because I don't have the budget or motivation at this point of time. But I do check out the latest organizing systems in the market - just to dream. Here are some for your inspiration.

Elfa Closet Organization

This shoe rack and pull out pants organizers are awesome.There are so many more similar solutions out there in the market, it is actually overwhelming. It is like, you name it, you have it.

Container Store - Elfa

All these images and solutions are from The Container Store, where I frequent for window shopping.

That concludes my musings on our closet design. Nothing fancy, just utilitarian. How do you organize your cloths? Please do share your wonder solutions to get out of the door without hustles, here.

Thanks for visiting. Keep Smiling.


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