Design Elements : Bookshelves & Books

In my life I have met people who love books and then I have met people who don’t particularly care. But I have never met anyone who doesn't appreciate the stacks of books on a table or shelf. Perhaps that has something to do with the organic texture of the books itself or maybe there is no one who doesn't like a story or both.

Books are conversation starters, inviting, telling the visitor something about us even before introductions are made. A nice stack of books or magazines even newspapers adds the welcome feel of being at home.

If you ask a professional designer about the most important elements that pull a room together, books or bookshelves might not make it to the list. That is because the designer has got hundred other things to get right, before he/she can think of accessories.

But most of us are not in the market for designer rooms. We just need to add a little more love and character to our space that will help it shine through the day. Isn't it great if a small shelf or table top with a few books will do the trick?

I love the look of shelves covered with only books like in a library. But I don’t think it is for everybody. To break the monotony you can add something along with the books, as a flower vase or a photo frame or anything that you have in hand.

Now what if you don’t have a nice big teak bookshelf to display your stack of magazines or collection?
I don't have one. Should they collect dust in boxes tucked away under the bed? What about a wall shelf (basically a plank on brackets) like this one?

Or a table with some space for your lovelies?

You can make use of the corner on the kitchen counter too.

If you are like me, a favorite corner in the bedroom will look like this.

Try this book trick – I am sure any drab place will get an instant boost with a stack of books and make the place thoughtful and happy. And bonus – it will make you actually read something. Reading a real book is way more gratifying than its electronic counterpart.

The kindle fans out there- please don’t murder me – I might be right.

Do you have any small tricks that can take a room from "aah" to "wow" ? I would love to hear them.

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