Make It Yours - A Fan That Everyone Has

I have always found a fan, any kind of fan in every home that I visited. Just like lamps, a very important commodity to own.This particular fan that I am talking about today is easily one of the most used accessory around here. He easily beats even the great great TV.That is because my husband carries this one wherever he goes - summer or winter, spring or fall.

It is also made of plastic wired- white in color rather cream in color after all the use it has seen- and an eye sore for me- "the cheerful and pretty anything up" personality of the family. That is why this dear friend received a tweak in his face.Yes it is a "he".

I did not want to invest in this endeavor much. There is no point in tweaking a $15 fan with another $20. So I opted for spray paint in metallic black ( this) and orange ( this ) from The Home Depot. I wanted the fan to be two toned, one color for the wheel and another for the outer cover.

I didn't think much about the second color, the orange one was somehow in clearance so I grabbed without a second thought. I was hoping, any color would look alright with metallic black as back ground and I was right. I could have also used the normal interior paint. That would just need more patience and effort.

So here are the steps I followed.

1. Unscrew the parts, the wheel and the covers of the fan.

2. Cover the motor part and any electrical parts with a grocery bag or any plastic foil.

3. It is important that you do the painting outside even if you are using normal interior paint and not the sprayer kind. Health and safety is more important than tweaking stuff any day.

4. Clean the parts that you intend to paint and dry well. Read the instructions on the paint can and make sure you follow.

5. Painting time - apply very thin coats, otherwise you will get paint drips faster than you think. It is a mess to get rid of the drip marks.

6. I wanted the fan to show some age, so I sanded down with a sandpaper in between the coats. I think I gave it two coats.

7. Since my fan was made of plastic, I let it dry double the time mentioned. Metal would dry faster.

8. Put the fan back together and enjoy the wind and your handiwork.

Easy and simple.

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