Friday DIY : Art with Strings


In the more sophisticated parts of internet this/similar one is called Fiber Art. I am choosing to call it string/yarn art since that is what it actually is in my case - yarn from the fabric store. Until a few months ago, it felt the whole blog land was filled with these. I encountered with one of these when I saw it hanging at Dana's ( @ House tweaking ) living room. I tried Dana's trick and later I used the same technique to create a larger wall hanging in our bed room. These happened months ago and then I just forgot about it.

In truth, this one goes way back in my life.My mother used to make similar wall hangings with some kind of plastic disks and yarn several summers ago. those were hanging at our home until as recent as my wedding. I think they lost out on the refreshed décor that comes with a wedding. That reminds me she had also made a swan out of nails and strings too which was my favorite.

Any how I thought of bringing it back when a little "client" of mine asked for some nature theme in her room. She already has some branches and leaves painted on one corner in a wall and I have been searching for something that will be apt to go with it yet in her color theme of purple and green. I haven't found anything yet so thought I will make something with some birds, feathers and yarn - all in budget from craft store and get away with it.

I just needed a start, then I followed with a few of my own versions because I had a bit of yellow, pink yarns left out from some previous projects. Since I am sure I am not going to crochet ( never say never - my mother tells me but yet I say that.) I thought why not play with it.

So here we go :-

I used some rings ( embroidery hoops will work too), skewers from kitchen and branches from back yard as base. Super glue goes a long way to attach these pieces to one another. Along with these the only thing I used is some yarn and of course the scissors. You can try "n" number of arrangements with these to come up with various designs. No limit to imaginations. Those of you good at crochet can work magic with these but I basically know only the simplest possible way to tie a knot. It is like that story in the Aesop fables where the cat knew only one technique to escape the tiger.


 used the above technique to make all except the yellow and pink geometrical design one.

For the geometrical one, I just stuck two skewers together and tied the yarn around and rotated in an almost square shape to get this.

( Psst: these are not well thought out - I know only one basic knot, so please teach/share your better ideas)

So that concludes this Friday's DIY funda. I am sure you have some yarn and some branches ready at hand. Happy tying knots and a very happy weekend.

Keep Smiling,


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  1. wow!! looks similar to Dreamcatcher...