Design Elements : The Chair, One I own & One I covet

If the evergreen sofa is the queen in the design of a gathering space, the chair that goes with is the princess. And as in most fables we know, the princesses take center stage and not her parents. Right!

I believe the same goes in the interior design world too. The smaller versions grabs the eyes in most rooms. This could be because sofas in most cases are limited by the comfort, budget, size and shape factors. The chairs offer lot of versatility and gives you an opportunity to make a statement and go bold without taking lot of space both literally and aesthetically.

Source : Fine Arts Museum, Richmond

There are at least one hundred designs in "chair" market that are worthy to be talked about. And they are available for every one. You could have any style -the traditional, modern, country, cottage, contemporary, bohemian, mid century, French, English . You could be the one who loves original or settles for a knock-off or re-production - Who ever you are you have thousands of options in the market. Especially in smaller rooms, I believe the smaller chairs in multiples is the way to go than a heavier set of 3+2 seater version. ( Even other wise the matching set is way out of trend, aren't they?)

We have two of these side chairs in addition to the sofa in our living room. One is a wooden launch chair other is a traditional leather make. Both are from our local discount store and came in good shape and needed only some refresh. The smaller leather one is the most used out of these especially with Akshara considering it as the chair where princess sits in her pretend stories. It is also the chair that is taken first when we have guests.

The other one is a lounge chair, I guess it is built for out door use. Solid wood with brass details. It is the chair "master of the house" takes on our movie nights or "talk- rubbish" nights. While I don't like it much, it is my stop gap while I wait for the chair I dream to have comes along.

And which one is that? The Eames Lounge Chair.

Source : Original from HermanMiller Store

This is one classic piece and makes its appearance in most magazines, movie interiors and is part of permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art New York and Art Institute of Chicago. The original is designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956. It was originally made in Brazilian rosewood but these days available in various finishes and even reliable knock-offs in a variety of finishes. Since it is a classic, the original is way out of my reach, but I am more than happy to settle down on an authentic re-production.

If you haven't seen this guy before, here are some scenes where he rests in all glory.

Source : Apartment Therapy
Source :Ashe + Leandro
One post definitely not enough to cover the variety of talk-worthy chairs out there. That makes me think I should write about the different kinds of chairs available categorizing by period or style? The Egg Chiar, The Swan, The Diamond  chair - all are interesting designs. While I collect more data and facts about these wonderful additions to a room, tell me if you have a favorite chair? What is its story?

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.
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