Friday DIY - A Tray Tweaked

Have you come across this product Mod Podge? It is not only one powerhouse decoupage medium but also the least messy and easiest to use too. It is glue and sealer combined in one and so strong that could be used to adhere even fabric to a surface. Don't believe me? Check out this project from Jenny of Little Green Notebook.

While there is no limit to its application, today I am using it to tweak my small, boring scrap wood tray from Michaels.

My Supplies

A wooden tray : I got this one from Michaels, only mine is rectangle. But even a card board lid or shallow box would do the trick.

Mod Podge : I bought from Amazon, but it is available almost any super stores and craft stores. A small can will go a long way.

Paint Chips : I pick up  free paint chips when I visit Lowes or Home Depot or even Walmart. It is actually small paper cuts that represent paint colors. For our case in point, any decorative paper, photographs, cards that you love, even fabric scraps would work.

Scissors : No brainer!!!

How- To

It is very simple in execution. All you need to do is to decide on a design, cut out the paper/fabric in desired shape/according to the chosen design.

Since I love anything geometric these days I went for these hexagons. I applied the Podge to the back of each cut out and put them randomly. It is important that the layer is very thin so as to avoid bubbles.

Once finished, I applied a very thin layer to seal and shine.

The tray can survive any where I believe, I used it at my desk for sometime as a catch all for small stuff as eraser, sharpener kinds. When it started being used as the pool where Akshara's doll family started swimming I kind of lost it to her. But a pretty tray makes catching random things any where easy right!

Small tweaks can't get easier than that, what do you say? If Mod Podge is un available, ordinary school glue works too, just need to focus harder to avoid bubbles, that's all.

Have a wonderful weekend friends. Hope you have fun. Do come back on Monday.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. Great transformation and idea. Looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks Nayana, thanks for visiting. And coming from you, this is indeed a compliment.