A marble side table and branches from Capitol Grounds - DIY

I believe a marble topped table is one classic piece that will never go out of trend. In fact my dream dining table has a dark wood legs with marble top. Something like the below one from West Elm. I love the detailing and those legs with golden rings - Perfection as far as the scale and details go. I would need a bigger one though. Dreams friends, as the saying goes, dream to reach the sky, you will reach the top of the mountain at the least.

Source : West Elm
We have a marble topped dining table at my parent's home. It  has lasted so long, well it has been there since the time I can remember. We have been having all our meals at home on the table, breakfast, snacks, lunch, evening tea and dinner. So many memories have this table as an integral part. It has seen so many silly and as many intellectual discussions, arguments, laughter ,quiets and ecstasy in its life time and still living large. No wonder I want one in our dream home and am determined to get it.

But we live in the present and not in future or past. And I don't have and can't have a real marble topped table or anything marble for that matter as of now. What I do have is a roll of faux marble contact paper to bring a bit of marble in my life.

Originally I ordered this paper from amazon to cover up our kitchen counter top. I have always covered our rental kitchen counters which are made of plywood and covered with thin vinyl ( if you have rented apartments in US, you know what I am talking about) with contact paper . It helps not only with aesthetic but also protect them from staining with all the turmeric and spices that are used in Indian cooking.

Anyways, back to our current story - So armed with this contact paper I gave this small side table from Target a marble make-over.

This one is a no brainer as far as execution goes. Simply cut out the shape you want and stick it to the surface you want to cover. It could be counter tops, island tops, desks, tables, stools or anything that you can think of. It is durable ( I have had this from sometime last year), super versatile and easy as long as cleaning goes, no one will guess unless they examine it thoroughly ( which no one does unless you announce it in a blog like I am doing) and doesn't stain. Cool ha!

And what you see on the table is its current sidekick for the blog picture. It is branches from the garden in the front of capitol hills, DC. Akshara has these strange collections of branches, rocks and anything she picks up from road side. I am just adding that information here so that I will remember it later when I am old and senile perhaps.

So, what do you think? How do you satisfy your "small sweet wishes" that are out of scope?

It's a Friday again. I hope to have a relaxed weekend this time.

Happy weekend. See you on Monday.


  1. I believe a marble topped table is one classic piece that will never go out ... ssmallsidetables.blogspot.com

    1. Very true Eugene. It is so classic that it will be fresh and elegant almost everywhere.