Ushering in a new season with ease and grace.

There are  a lot of things I have come to love about US in this short period here. But what I love most , next to the stupendous libraries we have here is the change of seasons and the change of scenery they bring in life, both for nature and for daily life. I pour over the internet and the magazines and peek through the window of people's houses in the evenings ( I know it is creepy to peek but I can't help it) for the sheer pleasure of watching how people celebrate the everyday life.

Though fun it is to see things on paper and screen it is much more gratifying to do some decorations in real. That is a practical lesson I learned during last Christmas when we actually decorated the house and a tree for our little girl for the first time in all these years. It turned out to be one of the best of holiday seasons and beautiful for the memories made.

Last X'Mas Morning
But the truth is that most of times I have neither the funds nor the means to go all out every season. With a little kid, a mortgage to pay off ,education to complete and the single income that we have, what I do is, to go low profile, avoid being too themed yet make it feel like it is indeed a season of festivities. This fall-Halloween-Thanks giving season is no different.

So here are some  still-life moments from my home this beautiful season.

In the living room, above the TV I have a tiger portrait in a tiger print frame, this was $2 from goodwill. The frame was damaged, probably that is why someone got rid of it. I fixed it with some black paint and a gold sharpie. I am sure you can not make out the difference. I will simple replace it with the previous ford prints once the season is over. Advantage for not paying much for something like this is, I wouldn't have to regret when I have to replace it.

I have added a grocery store dried flowers to the side. I spend a whopping $8 for this. But I totally intend to paint them in different colors for different seasons.

I had these wooden beads I collected over time with the 50% off coupons from Joann for a nursery project. They can hang in there until the time comes to pack and send them. I painted a few in autumn colors to add to the branches collected from park visits. Nothing speaks of the fall-winter season than the natural elements as these right!

Dining table is an easy opportunity to introduce seasons, replace the flowers in the vase, or add a jar with grains as I have done here. When X'mas comes replace the grains with some left over ornaments or beads or the pine cones and you are done. My wooden coasters have withstood the test of time and use and also the seasons. Red is "in" any season . The table cloth is another $1 DIY. Plain white blanket painted with rough brush strokes. Small changes with no big costs attached.

The side board near the dining table is my shelf for craft accessories. But I use the top surface as a place for vignettes I can easily switch and play with. This time I have a fake pumpkin from Michaels and a candle holder I received as  a gift. It has a weird face to it. Coincidence I believe but happy one indeed. The cookie platter has some candies I got for a project and reducing in number day by day and I suspect won't last many days.

I work from my desk most of the times. Just to remind me of season I have a new cup to hold my pencils and new pencils with a bling. It makes writing about seasons easier right!!! Bugs and spiders are always the "in thing" in this home because the little one is crazy about them. She wants to be a fairy with bugs in hands and hair. One wonderful fairy that would be. I guess!

There are a number of more DIY demons that I am forced to keep under wraps ( my magazine commitment demands to keep things sealed until published - the upcoming edition is going to be treat for your eyes with its "design-décor" theme - )

So that is that. Simple switches, simple ornaments to adorn your home. I know you have many more ideas that are easy to implement. Share for the fun.

Keep Smiling,

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  1. loved the idea of using grains!! reminds me of vishu :)