Fall in love with your Home - with Interior Styling

If you haven't heard this already, there does exist a profession called "Interior Stylist". They are the ones who present you homes, that are found in the magazines, be online or print- the way they are. You have to give them credit for creating drool worthy spaces with a few cleverly and thoughtfully placed props, furnishings and furniture.

Because, the truth is, you don't really need architectural miracles and expensive furniture or art that is extravagant to add the "wow" factor to your space. Often times, a well placed cushion or a curated shelf will do the trick. I didn't mean a magazine spread home, but a real, well loved, beat up, "I have seen life" home. ( well loved and beat up - someone said that to me about her home recently - perfect words to represent a home right!)
Though beautiful spaces are indeed a pleasure to look at, I believe styling is over done these days. So much so that while gasping at the beauty, we are overwhelmed, discouraged with the un-attainable perfection.

Source : Better Homes & Gardens

But does that mean we should quit styling our homes altogether? I would say no - style your space the way you want with what you have and how you live. For example, if you like to keep all your shoes near the entry way, do so by all means, just keep them neatly stacked or arranged on a tray or even tucked away in a basket. Simple styling like that will make you love your home more, even without any major upgrades.

There are tons of ways to make a home feel warm, cozy, beautifully maintained while still living the carefree, comfortable life. A coffee table can hold a vase of flowers - I keep fake flowers in an old pickle jar, so even if it is "girl-handled" by my little one I won't be flushed - and a book or a magazine that you are reading currently - instead of bare or even a pile of newspaper and old bills spread on it.

I think shelves and side tables are easiest of opportunities to add personality. We just need to arrange the books tastefully - color code them or put some vertical and some horizontal to break the monotony, even cover them with decorative papers or even with old magazine pages, add your collectibles to add more charm, the possibilities are endless.

A bedroom looks instantly relaxing if you just take time to make the bed and fold the blankets. It would look warm and loved if you could add a vase of flowers or even a reading lamp to the side. Hang a beloved picture over head - it is a done deal. No need of fancy bedding or fancier head board. You don't believe me? Try it once and feel it yourself.


Kids rooms - in majority of homes, the most abused room would be kids spaces, ok second to the living room. I can assure that however we try, they are never going to look perfect. And they need not be. Honestly, a kid space with toys spread out and games played and books every where is adorable.

But we can definitely add a few baskets for easy clean up, Give a space for them to keep their books and study material, hang a few of their art work to inspire, develop a good system to maintain a clean and practical wardrobe. That will make them happy and calm in their own space and that will reflect in your own mindset.

So, style your home today, not decorate, but style it with what you already own. De-clutter, re-arrange and hang those photos never hung , light a candle in the evening, add fresh flowers from garden - style your space at your own pace, one corner at a time -. You will fall in love with your home, fall in love with your life. Be your own interior stylist. Yes that is definitely a profession.

Keep Smiling,

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