Quick Fix Art : Fabric & Frame

Before I say anything else, here is a pre-fix : Original art is always the best and invaluable. It has thoughts, sweat and love of a creative heart. So if you have means and provisions always opt for an original.

That said, original art is also expensive. Well hard-work doesn't come cheap, right! Since I am not exponentially creative as far as drawing and painting goes, fueled by my lack of any real budget I go for quick fixes. Because life without any form of art is meaningless.

So here is an easy example of how I make do with what I have in hand. The fabric is what I got from Ikea ages ago - it was in their as-is section and it is only so much as a yard. I got it anyway thinking I will use it as photo backdrop or something. But what actually happened was it stayed in a basket with many such stuff. But it came handy now, so no one loses here.

So here we go,

Supplies :

My frame used to be a well loved one, it had my husband's favorite car pictures as seen here. But the glass broke while handling recently and in our culture the broken glass pieces inside home is a taboo. So I just moved the pics and tucked them away and used the frame for this project.

The steps are fairly simple. You would need to cut down the fabric slightly larger than the frame and staple the fabric to the frame stretching as tightly as possible. The regular stapler wouldn't work, so use an upholstery stapler. The sides are straight forward. It is slightly tricky to get the corners right. You would need to carefully fold the corner as in gift wrapping. That's it.

Your colorful artwork is ready to hang.

I have hung them above TV where we used to have our car pictures. It might not be permanent since it is so easy to switch when I find a prettier more colorful fabric. But cool for a quick fix right!

Do you make quick fix art works too? What are your easy way-out art fixes?

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Have a great week ahead,


  1. I'm new to your blog and loving all your creative ideas!!

  2. Thank you Reshma. That makes my day. Please keep visiting.