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Hey All,
How was your week? Ours went smoothly with the school re-opened. There was park, parties, pizzas, shopping and crafty evenings to keep us busy and happy.

And I finished reading Remodelista  a third time. It is a book on home design with mostly neutral and monochromatic spread. Written by Julie Carlson, they have one of the most successful home design websites around - . Although I prefer color happy, vibrant interiors and this one boasts of neutrals I liked the book because of some ingenious solutions for most common issues in home design . Check it out if you have a chance.

And here are a few links I loved from past week for you to devour.

Courtesy : Design Sponge 
This  home tour is seriously "wow". The colors, the character and vintage everything, I am in love.

Do you have an old candle votive laying around? May be you can up-cycle it this way.

Do you have dried flowers and branches in your yard? You can try this on them. Totally free and elegant.

I told you about my clay obsession the other day. This Incense holder is next on my list.

I don't have a bench (can an old coffee table be considered? ) or place for it right now. But if I did have the space, this is probably what I would have done.

Now here is a recipe I am trying next. I am not a "cook" as such. So these trials are pretty big deal for me.

Courtesy : Pazham Pappadam Payasam
So Happy Weekend. Enjoy.

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