A Coffee Table & the Simplest of Ikea Hacks

We had a coffee table, And it was (it is still with me, just not a coffee table anymore) a great table, solid wood, rounded corners, perfect for our little girl who used to be a toddler when we got it. Only thing it lacked was any considerable storage. That combined with the beating it took from the hands of our then toddler is the only reason we had to get a new one.

I searched a lot for a perfect one, considered DIYing a simple one - but it is complicated and slightly outside my DIY skill to have one with a good amount of storage. I have collaborated the options I considered in case you are in the market too. If you want to find the details of these choices, please visit my Pinterest Board here.

Anyways, the budget, the circumstances - we chose the Ikea one. One thing that drew me to it was that it came with a clear glass top. That means easy clean up and awesome opportunity to display some snaps, Akshara's art works etc. That was the idea I used to convince Girish

This table is great as such. There is really no need to tweak this for normal people. But since I fall into the "No rest until Tweaking this" category, I gave it a small twist. It also helps the room to lighten up with all the brown pieces going on there with the sofa, TV console and the corner shelf are all brown. The room couldn't take any more brown surface.

So in comes a gift wrap I have been hoarding from HomeGoods for a while now. It has a textured surface and is much thicker than regular gift wrap. The bark like print looks organic natural to me and it matches the rest of the table so very well. Thus did this tweak come into being.

Supplies :
  • Glass Topped Table
  • Gift Wrap
  • Scissors
  • Double sided Tape

How- To:

It is fairly simple. You find a really awesome gift wrap, contact paper or any paper and cut it to size of the table top and replace the glass top. Tadaa, you have the simplest of the Ikea Hack you ever saw.

Here she/he is in all the glory.

While I love all the pretty styled coffee table I cannot afford it because of my little girl. Our living room is the only gathering place in our house so the table sees a lot of use in terms of reading, writing, games, study, crafts - anything and everything. This table is helpful to tuck away what ever we have on it underneath to clear it. The deep pockets can hold a lot of stuff including our remote  knick knacks & books to Akshara's craft caddy. It is a winner and it is here to stay for a long while.

That concludes this long "short story" of our coffee table. What do you think? Did you hack any of your furniture purchases?

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  1. Wow! That's cool. Love the idea.

  2. Thank you Shaheen. I am happy that you liked the idea .