DIY : Paint Splattered Candle Holders

Candles and candle holders are inevitable part of life. Really? No, not really. But they definitely are good to bring an elegant ambiance to calm and collected evenings and dinner tables. You dont believe me, try lighting a candle by your table while reading or a set of candles together next time you have a family dinner, the mood, the charm is unbelievable. I am not saying this just because the craft for the day is candle holders. I truly enjoy candle lit evenings.

Anyways, this particular DIY craft we are talking about is simple and calls for only readily available supplies. Besides, it is a fun thing to do with kids, that is if you are ready for a bit of mess when they are involved. 

So here we go,



This is an age old technique of creating paint splatters on any surface. I remember doing this from my childhood, my mother showing this to me. It was unbelievably exciting the first time and even now. First gather your supplies - I have used craft paint so that when I am tired of the color, I can just wash off and do a different one.

The next step is to smear the tooth brush with the paint. You have to be careful not to get excess paint on the brush which will result in drips. Only a thin layer of paint on the brush and remember to stop and wipe the brush often to avoid drips.

That's it. You have your paint splattered Candle Holder.

Here, I will leave you with a pretty picture .

Do try it this weekend and let me know your thoughts. Have you got some painting techniques that excites you? Do share so we can try too.



  1. Nice dearie.... But I don't think I can try it. Ur efforts are commendable....

  2. I really like your writing style and how you express your ideas. You did an excellent work. Please keep up the effective work. Thank you!