Rainbow Easter Eggs & Spring Break

Happy Easter everyone, in advance.

Until this year Easter used to be that time my when Christian friends observed Lent, it always had this pious, calm, minimal aura about it especially when compared to the grandeur of X'Mas. Back in the day even though I never celebrated the festival as such, I loved the calm vibes of the occasion and also the special food preparations our friends brought over .

Fast forward to my motherhood days, Easter has become all about egg decorating, egg hunts, Easter baskets (they should have presents in them!!). Combine it with the spring break and cold weather outside, all my ears could hear these past days were - eggs and Easter. So I gave in and - dyed some eggs, painted some and patiently watched my daughter cutting and gluing - namely decorating eggs. It is a lot of mess and fuss and counting and deep breaths but totally worth it. 

So here is what went down in our abode these past days not necessarily in that order.

Rainbow Eggs with Metallic Effect :

Supplies :

  • Artificial eggs for crafts (Mine was from Michaels - Paper Mache ones)
  • Paint - Regular Acrylic paint in rainbow colors and Silver one for metallic effect
  • Paint brushes
  • Tooth Brush (to spray silver paint for the splattered effect)

That's it - now paint away. Once the basic rainbow colors are painted wait on to dry them well. Now take some silver paint on a plate/tray. Dip the tooth brush (do you save used ones to use them to deep clean tiles,combs etc too?) in the paint to get bristles covered. Hold the egg in hand or set them in carton and rub the bristles gently to get the paint splattered on them. You should stop and check the brush for heavy dips often. This isn't anything new, I am sure most of us have done these tricks in our yester-years. Next step is easy, that is to enjoy the prettiness.

Dyed Eggs, the natural way :

We started our spring break with dyeing some eggs. I decided to go with natural dyeing with kitchen stuff - Beets, Berries, Turmeric, Tea Powder. I found a recipe from Pinterest,  2 Tbs Vinegar/Cup of water with 2 tsp salt and the dyeing agent. Let the ingredients start boiling in a sauce pan, add the eggs and reduce the flame to medium. Slower the cooking pace, better the color. Anyways that was what the sites told me to do.

But this method takes time and patience and a lot of trials and research to get the desired color and texture and of course that many eggs to experiment with. All of which, neither I nor my 4 year old did not have unfortunately, But they weren't as bad as I am making it sound. Do check out Anjana's blog for better experience and expertise here. 

Easy craft with an Egg decorating kit :

I found this small egg decorating kit from Target for $5. I bought it when my little girl couldn't find much of entertainment out of dyeing the eggs which was over-promoted by an over-enthusiastic me. But she loved all the cutting, gluing, taping that the kit offered. You don't really need a ready made kit to do these things but for $5, it wasn't easy to pass up.

So that is our Easter story. I am hoping the already decorated ones will be sufficient to sustain us for another 2 days. Here's to that hope.

How do you celebrate Easter, Do you have this "egg" madness at your homes too?

Wish you a very happy Easter and holidays ahead.

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