Is your patio/balcony/veranda whatever that you have ready for spring and summer? We have a small backyard that is just sufficient for our small family. I have one side dedicated for a vegetable garden with a raised bed. Then we have just enough space for small gatherings and sandbox playing. Though small, I love it still flourishing with colors. We dont have much space left for lots of flowering plants so I bring the color with painted pots and containers.

That is what today's DIY is about. I have once showed you my spray painted cans and pots. This time I decided to go with some stenciling which I have never done before this. So here we go.

Supplies :

1. The plain pots from Walmart.

2. Self Adhesive stencils. ( Mine is from Michaels, Martha Stewart Brand)

3. Craft Paint

4. Paint Brush

How- To :

This is fairly simple. The stencils came with adhesive backing that can be re-used. It stays on well. Just stick the patterns as you want and paint on. Remove the stickers once the paint is dry to touch. The instructions to do it right was on the package. Now you are done. Enjoy your pots.

Here is them in all their glory. I did these pots last summer, yes you heard me. Last summer, in august 2014. They have survived seasons even though I used craft paint with no sealer. Makes me believe in more and more craft paint projects - sure to appear in this space soon.

Here are the pots in our small patio shelf. I hope you have a great time painting and prepping your garden and outdoors. Here is to a memorable summer.

Have a great time and tell me all about your summer projects. Have you taken out your paint cans and spray paint kits out yet?

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