Hey All,

Today's post is about a little humane, saviour act that I did for a battered, old and dumped in the dumpster by some one , little shelf. She is really little and I have no idea why such a little cute girl was dumped. But as they say someone's junk turns out to be someone else's treasure. It turned out just the same for me. Because she is the new keeper of keys at our home. (Strange but Hagrid, the original keeper of Keys was gigantic while this one is teeny and tiny)

Anyways here she is in her previous life.

I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I spotted the shelf first. But once I figured it is the perfect size for our entry way ( which is really just a door way. by the way) , I knew I would need something for the back , because as such it didn't have anything for the back and small things might fall off.

I didn't have any plans to spend any amount of money on it, so decided a small piece of cardboard from packaging box would do the trick.

Once the plan was finalised, all I did was to paint it with a white paint I had in hand and then measure, cut and cover the cardboard piece with a pretty gift wrap paper.

As I mentioned, she is tiny with shallow shelves. But it has enough space for a little pot for coins, glasses, keys and then some decorative pots.

So, that is the tale of an old, battered wood shelf who reached a lovely home from the dumpster with some luck and DIY love.

Have you saved someone from the dumpster lately? Spill the beans now and here.


  1. I love how you transformed this wood self... especially the gold stripped pattern.

  2. Such a stylish and chic makeover! Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. This is a beautiful transformation! Thanks for sharing with Friday Favorites! Michelle Our Crafty Mom