Patriotic Wreath

It is that time of the year again, when Red, White and Blue are not just colors any more. They mean, pride, honour, courage, love and peace. Every year I plan on making something to celebrate these feelings for our little girl, but the long holidays, festivity, vacation - all contribute to being busy and we end up going for fireworks and be done with it. Not this time.

Patriotic Wreath

I have been into making wreaths for our door for seasons and festivals these days, so I decided to DIY one for Independence Day too. When it comes to crafty DIYs I need them to be simple and easily involve our little girl, so trust me with this one, it falls into the category easily and elegantly.


-- Ring ( Base of Wreath)

-- Paper Straws in Blue or Red

-- Glitter paper/ Cardstock Paper

-- Glue

I have already proclaimed my obsession with hoarding paper straws before. Do check out the vases I made with pretty straws before, here. I had the perfect blue, white straws for this occasion in my stash. The Ring is an old broken mirror frame which is close to my heart and I refuse to let go of any part that I can hold on to. If you don't have a ring like this, cut one out using thick card board. Easy.

Patriotic Wreath

Second thing to do is to cut the straws, for easy cutting for our litle one, I cut them in half. Marked out the middle ( almost middle) and cut them. Once I had a bunch, we glued them on to the ring in circle.

Patriotic Wreath

To make the stars, I cut out red and silver glitter paper in star shape and glued them on to the straws.

That's it. Tie a ribbon and hang up.

Patriotic Wreath

Did you like this little project? Don't you think its perfect to engage the kids and have a proud moment?

Happy Independence Day in advance to all those celebrating.

Patriotic Wreath

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