We are at a house hunting phase and I have been seeing a lot of houses. One thing that I have noticed is how rare it is to see modern architecture and decor in this part of  Virginia. If at all I saw any modern design, they were condos and apartments. Not single family houses or townhomes. It is not that I have seen it all by now, but as much as I have seen in real and in the real estate sites, 90% of them are anything but modern.

Modern Living Room

Among such rarity, I found this home built by KHovnanian Builders. It is a huge home for a big family where as I need a small home for a small family. The home as such certainly not one that appealed to me but it definitely has a number of modern features and design/decor elements that I love so much. Modern Minimalism is definitely my cup of tea, though not the monochromatic color theme.

So on to some lovely features and moments from this modern home.

There is a large Foyer, but what caught my eye was the slate stone looking staircase (it is stained wood though) and the minimal display niche. In built niches and shelves like these are something I find in houses back in India, all the time. While I love this I also know that it is a professional job to create them in existing homes, but new constructions, definitely worth having.

The kitchn is another place I found things that I crave for in my dream kitchen. Marble backsplash, waterfall style marble Island and modern to the ceiling cabinets. I say "Yay" for all those.

To keep up with the modern , minimal theme, all furniture chosen are straight, clean lined and geometric. To balance of the hard edges, you will find enough pieces with curvy lines. I believe that helps the house from being completely masculine.

I noticed all most the light fixtures are minimal though elegant and certainly expensive. The pendant shade in the breakfast nook, the hanging side lamps in the guest bedroom, the floor lamps in the living room - all minimal and modern.

And look at this chandelier in the dining room. The designer has geniously let that amazing chandelier and the flower arrangement do all the talking while everything else is muted. Modern and minimal. Love those chairs as well.

The art in the home are all abstract in monochromatic tones . I loved some and did not love some. But that may be because I love colors and need colors. But if you are kind of a neutral, muted , toned down color pallet, then these are some options. Best thing, most are easily DIYable (is there a word like that?)

Another thing that will appeal to anyone is the amount of storage in  a variety of forms. Cabinets, shelves, closets, built-ins - storage in galore.

I also learned an unwritten rule of design applied so generously with success here. Every room, every vignette is set up with the rule of three or five. That is there are 3 or 5 elements that are outstanding in each space. When done right, chosen right I guess these elements gives the intentional, finished and beautiful feel that we aim for. If you notice each picture here, you will see at least 3 elements standing out to complete the space.

Do you like modern elements ? Are you up for minimalist design? I know I can't live in muted environment, what about you?

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  1. some great inspiration in this space! I'm really like the dinning table and the light fixture. happy house hunting! :)

    1. Thank you Reshma. House hunting more stress than happy I think 😝. I loved all the light fixtures there. Not sure if I can survive on such minimal lighting in real life though. I like flood of light all around me 😀