It was the mother's day weekend that just passed. I am far away from my own mother so we spoke over phone and skyped and then we spoke again. And I am a mother too, to a little joyful riot of a girl. So we had breakfast in bed, gifted flowers to each other and she made a card for me , we shopped and roamed around. With all of that we did what we both love doing together. That is painting.

We always paint and craft together. By craft what I mean is I craft and she cuts and glues and paints away anything in sight. So this time to make it special I bought some mugs and some ceramic paint from the go to craft store in town - Michaels. They were selling a set for $3, which is great to paint and play.

So that is what we did this mother's day. Our 4th together.


-- Ceramic Mug /Thrift store finds would totally work

-- Porcelaine Paint ( Available at Amazon)

-- Tape

-- Alphabet Cut Outs

-- Convection Oven

How- To

The set I bought came with a mug,paint and paint brush. The first thing I did was to ask Akshara what she wanted to write. She said Mommy & Me. But our Mug is small, and I couldn't possibly make stencils of alphabets that small. You have a Silhouette Digital Cutter ? You are in luck. You could reach the moon ! Since I didn't have it, I decided to write Ma & Me . I wrote the Alphabets in a font I liked and cut it out to make the stencil.

Once I had the stencil, I taped it to the mug and we painted the inside. Thus came Ma & Me. Next I let her choose the paint and paint the mugs with dots. They are not perfect. But who cares right!. It is the moments that matter !

Once you paint, it is time to bake the mugs in the oven. As per my package directions it was 30 minutes at 360F. Do check the directions on the paint can to make sure.

The paint is supposed to be food safe. But I made sure not to paint where the mouth might touch the mug while drinking. Though I am pretty sure she wouldn't let me drink from it anyway.

So this is what went into Design Journal this Mother's Day. What did you guys do to celebrate? Share at This design Journal .

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  1. Nice idea dear....could be a touching gift to someone u love with their name on it....

    1. I knew you would love it. We should make a pair for us.

  2. What a lovely way to spend Mother's Day. A clever idea and something that you and your daughter can remember for quite some time. Thanks for sharing!