I love colors which I have proclaimed time and again here. This simple DIY will tell you how much. Because I did this only because I love colors around me, even if that is my kitchen cabinet.

I have had these plain drinking glasses for years now. They function fine and do what they are supposed to do, all fine. Only thing that is troublesome to me was that they are plain, blant . So I decided to give them a makeover with glass paint and some stencils. During the course of it I had to makeover an old tea filter mug too. How about that?

The details - Here we go.


Plain Glassware ( I bought mine from IKEA )
Stencils ( or very steady artistic hands) . I couldn't find the same one, but this is a similar one.
Glass Paint ( regular craft paint will wash them away)

Once you have the supplies, this is fairly simple. 

Adhere the stencil to the glass without any air bubbles. Once you fix it, paint on. I found it it is easir with a sponge brush rather than regular brush.

Once you finish, let it stay for one or two minutes and remove the stencil. It is important to make sure to clean the stencil each time after use. Once you are done paint, put the glasses in a convection oven and bake them to the suggested temperature and minutes. I used Martha Stewart glass paint and they were 275F for 30 minutes. Please make sure you read the directions on the paint bottle.

That's it. Done Deal!! You have your colorful and beautiful "new" drinkware ready to rock.

While I was at it, I did paint a few other things too. Couldn't help it. 

So what do you think? what were you up to this weekend?



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    1. Thank you Prathima. Itrs pretty easy to pull off too.

  2. I love these! Where did you purchase the glass paint? Would most craft stores carry it? Pinning this. I'd love to try this with some of the glass jars I've saved (like spaghetti sauce jars).

    1. Thank you Rachel. Most craft stores will carry them and even Amazon. I bought mine at Michaels, their 40% off coupons keep them cheap. But I have seen them at Joann, Hobby Lobby etc. For Amazon : Sample here : 6&keywords=martha+stewart+glass+paint

      Hope that helps.

  3. Loves the colors Anima. Reminds me of the glasses we used to have at home when we were kids. 70's nostalgia I guess.

    1. Thank you Vidya. We still use plain old glasses back home even now. Tea is served in glass tumblers - not tea cups there :-)