Around Here Lately

I know I have been absent from here. A lot - Life happened in between and kept me away from here - not an acceptable excuse - but honestly true - Lots of things happened, are happening around me that are extremely successful in keeping me away form my happy place - yet I check here everyday - wondering if at all there is a new comment - But anyways, that is about that.

Between - I re-designed the blog. Did you notice? Isn't it cleaner and much more legible now?

I don't really have a new DIY post here, but I do have one over at Home Made By Carmona - How I made these adorable photo shelves - Do check out the post here.

DIY Photo Shelves with Michaels wood cubes.

Easter is around the corner - Spring break is almost over. The other day Ursula @Home Made By Carmona tagged me to share our tablescape for Easter - and this is what I came up with. Do you follow me on Instagram? We do have a lot of fun there.

A very simple easter table

And that reminds me of our plans this year and beautiful memories we made last year - do you remember ? If not check these posts and the read about the How-To of these projects here.

DIY Rainbow Easter eggs

We also dyed our eggs for the first time - the natural way - read all about it here.

Dye eggs naturally this Easter

What are your plans for Easter? You guys done with spring break yet? And please do come back on Monday to read about my journey with de-cluttering and things I learned from the famous Kon Marie method.
Wish all my readers a very happy Easter. May god bless you.

See you fresh on Monday. Stay happy and healthy.


  1. Glad to see your back! Love your photo shelves!

    1. Thanks Steph, thank you so much for the support :-)